Hosting a Halloween Tea Party

This year I had been looking forward to Halloween, I think this is mostly down to the fact I made plans with my friends on Halloween night so ideas have been floating around my head for a little while now.
I wanted to make an effort this year as we don't tend to do a lot as a family for the occasion and is usually only greeted by little ones knocking on the door for a couple of sweeties - but as the boys are growing and are becoming increasingly aware of what's going on, I thought it would be nice to introduce them to it in a pleasant way. (Halloween doesn't have to be all scary...)

A couple of days before Halloween, my inner baker started to show an appearance and I just wanted to try out some thoughts. Chris and I discussed having a 'spooky' tea party with the boys one lunchtime before the day and just being able to relax, reading our new reads Splat the Cat What Was That? and The Night Before Halloween. I also brought Room on a Broom and a Halloween Puzzle book that we had a flick through.
Chris also carved our pumpkin with Freddie, after I drew the design. I was so chuffed with how he came out, he really did look awesome!

I got very enthusiastic about the whole baking thing that my kitchen became my little hub of excitement, I felt like a 'Pinterest' Mum knocking out so many creative ideas, that actually tasted pretty yummy!

My boys headed out to a sleepover on Wednesday night at Nanny's. Freddie has been asking to go for so long that she opted for one night through their half term break - Freddie was beside himself and it gave me a much loved lie in - but naturally as a Mum I was on the clock so waking soon after 8am I got up and on with my day. I ended up using my morning baking some delicious treats and I was frankly bursting with spontaneity!

Once the boys were back Freddie helped with making some rice krispie cakes as I had already done the melting flesh flapjacks and the green cupcakes. We ended up with so many 'tested' pieces that we ended up deciding to invite a few more members to our tea party as it was going to be impossible to nibble on them alone..

Decorating is the most fun part to anything baking wise - to be honest I had a ball making all these little bits and pieces; I'm always really surprised when things come out well. We used orange and black sprinkles, strawberry laces for worm and fizzy fang sweets as a topper.

I also made white chocolate marshmallow ghost pops which I was very impressed with and they went so fast!

I also brought some balloons from Paperchase; the boys love kicking and bouncing them around and they fitted in so well. It was really lovely to have some family over for a catch up and nibble on some cakes, it was good fun and very tasty.

I wanted a group photo so I managed to pile everyone out onto our bench with our lit pumpkin..


  1. Hi there, just stumbled across your blog, looks like you had a great Halloween, I love your pumpkin! Hope your OU course is going well. I took a science course a few years ago and enjoyed it so much. All the best.

    1. Oh hello! :)
      Yes it was a lovely event, going to have to step up my game for next year!

      The course is going really well so far, I'm really enjoying it! Many thanks :) x