Dear Noah {18 & 1/2 Months}

Hello, my little man. I haven't updated on you in far too long (MAY!) and therefore feeling pretty bad about that. I look at the above picture and I just want to squish you, your little round face with them plump little cheeks and full lips. You're a mini version of everyone we hold dear and for that I can't help but completely fall in love with you every day.

I'm still wondering how we've got to the stage of you being beyond 18 months old, it doesn't feel quite right, but here we are and you're all still very small; yet to the stage where you seem so big. You're in that in between stage of definitely becoming an independent little lad - you have your big brother guiding you most of the way as you copy and follow his every move (I'm so glad he's actually a good role model!). You want to be him and achieve just like him and of course you do, I love watching you matching up with him. The other week we went to the park and we let you up on the slide and you came down so excited, after a few more goes you went and did it all yourself and we were so proud. It still amazes me that you can do these things by yourself because you're so small in person, however big in character - I can't help but be so proud of you.

You have this way about you where you smile and giggle about every little interaction you have with someone you know well. You're growing and I can't help but wish it to stop, but equally you're just so lovely that I can't imagine you anything other than what and who you are. Your talking is coming along now and just recently you've started going 'mum mum mum' and it makes me so happy that you've decided to start calling my name instead of screeching in my direction (haha), for the most part you're watching and smiling as the world goes by - it's something I adore about you, you're so relaxed and take things as they come.
We get lots of time together now your brother is in school and it's something I'm grateful for, it gives us time to do things for you and not have to worry about anything else for a little while. You've started getting back into the cuddling phase and it's something I treasure as I know it won't last forever and it gives me that moment to remember you're you and sometimes I worry you fall behind in the bustle of life, but you're always right there mimicking and being happy. You squeal with delight and play so kindly, it's hard to remember how young you are sometimes. Just recently your favourite thing is to play peekaboo (as long as you're the one going boo) and it's the most adorable thing I've ever seen, I can't help but go to mush when I hear you say it, I need to record it and keep it.

The other day Daddy was going back to work and he said 'bye everyone' as he was putting his coat on and you stood in the hallways, blew him a kiss and waddled over and hugged his leg - we both broke out in 'aww' and you looked like 'what?' - you're so loving and we're so lucky to have such a kind soul amongst us. It makes me realise not to compare (which sometimes is harder than you think) because you're quieter and more reserved to whom you share you things with, you're confident but keep it hidden and hearing you say new words and popping them together is the sweetest thing. I love how you're developing now you've got your own little space to grow and I honestly count my lucky stars when I have you here with me.

You're one of my biggest successes in life, thank you for being simply you.
All my love,
Mumma X

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