Over the last week I have been swimming around words; whether that be written words, to be typed words or general phrases running through my mind. I've been getting my teeth through my assignment (it's handed in now!) and I really enjoyed the challenge that it brought, it's also made me learn a few things about myself...
I don't work well under pressure - I stress and my brain gets stuck.
I need to write a draft, or two.
I need to believe in myself.

I also found that I often have the words right there but it's finding a way of getting them out fluently; it's quite hard getting them out on a word count! I'm so nervous to see what my results are, I just have that wonder of where I rank on their expectations, because naturally I want to do well for myself, I want to prove I can do it.

This week I've also been getting into a new book - Wuthering Heights. I've watched all the TV adaptions and despite buying this book years ago, I've never got into it beyond a few chapters but I restarted it after having a hunt through my beloved stack for my book swap partner. I found so many I want to revisit over the next while or even start.
I ordered the boys some Halloween books last week which I'm excited to get reading this week to them - they do love a story time!

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  1. 'Words' for word of the week very appropriate! I submitted my first assignment yesterday, it is nice to get it out of the way. I'm the opposite, though, I work better under pressure! Glad you're enjoying your book, that's one of my favourite classics x Thanks for sharing with #WotW