I just want to eat his face it's so adorable!
I've come to realise, that too many of us do things as a resort what we feel we should be doing rather than doing it for the love of it. I've felt this way about blogging recently and I've found it hard to muster the enthusiasm to get things down on here, but I think that's okay; it's my own expectations that are making me feel awful about what I'm not doing enough of. I'm just one that doesn't produce quality posts if I'm not 100% feeling it, I have to have my heart in everything that I do and I've been having it everywhere but at my laptop this week. I found myself at a loss of what to write and it made me feel grumpy when the inspiration didn't hit.

And I'm okay with that because I've had so much love and happiness away from the screen. I've got a routine that's flowing well with my little guy and I've already started checking out my course materials and thinking on the questions for my first assignment. I've also found it easier to talk to the camera than type (I finally got a video up on the channel on Friday!) and I've just been brightening my home up because I feel it needs a bit of TLC, I've visited my mum this week also for a much needed catch up.
There's also been a birth of a close family friends little girl (I'm incredibly broody over the photo's of her and I can imagine it'd only be worse holding her) and I had a day where I was apart of all that, my mum and I got a photo soon after her birth and we were updated throughout. It was really special time for us, and my she is absolutely gorgeous. I got to have a cuddle on Friday and I fell a little in love with her. I've already started begging Chris for #3 - no luck so far! hehe!
This week has made me feel so grateful for everything I have. I've got a beautiful family and it's so lovely to be able to appreciate it at certain times. I get this waft of 'everything is great'. I think the above picture sums up exactly how this house has been, flowing and full of precious moments.

The Reading Residence


  1. You're right about the blog; the only expectations put on it are from you (I do the same!). I see it as a place where I want to record our life journey and sometimes it may just be that you want a memory not a blog post!
    Baby cuddles are just so adorable and cute, and that precious baby smell is something so unique, it's lovely. Enjoy the cuddles!

    1. Yeah I do sometimes feel like I need to be doing more etc and really, it's nothing to fuss over. I love blogging but sometimes it's very demanding!
      Oh baby cuddles are the best, such a beautiful experience. Just makes me want another one haha!

  2. Ah, absolutely perfect and yes, so precious. You're spot on about blogging, and if you're not feeling it, step away. I tend to write in clusters, where I want to, then I don't write for days. It then gives that time away to be in the moment and enjoy your family, which is all that's important x Thanks for sharing with #WotW