This last week has been full of illness. I've been feeling quite poorly all week on and off, which seems to be running a theme as of late. I've had quite a few days where I've felt poorly over the last couple of months and I think can only be down to the sudden change in weather. The wind has chilled and the evenings getting dark, so early. For the first time I'm not liking it much because I know it'll eventually unleash my SAD (seasonal affective disorder), therefore a weird depressive mood starts - I shared it with you a bit last winter and I think I may see what my doctor can recommend before I drop into that!

However the season in it's daylight hours has been lovely, the jumpers and blankets have come out. I really need to start digging the knee high boots out too - brr!! This week has been pretty special despite the miserable weather here in Norfolk. It's been filled with lots of fuzzy feelings and giggles and that makes me feel really happy. I've noticed within myself that I have been focusing on the positives and generally seeing a better light to everything - I find we all have so much to appreciate and we're naturally drawn to being negative about ourselves and our situations - I spoke about some self love this last week and I've put it into practice, I've been enjoying some time watching Netflix in the evenings, plus lots of reading!

I enjoyed some time with Els last Sunday, catching up with some shopping and pizza. I've spent many days with my little Noah too this week; he's become my little sidekick and we've had mornings playing with trains, reading books, watching TV and he helps with some of the chores. I still feel so lucky to be able to study from home so that I can enjoy time with my family - he's growing into such a little boy. He wants to play with you now and digs deep in the toy box in such an engaging way, it feels so lovely to have a little friend to accompany my day with! I find it really special how you feel your bond with someone you love, grow every step of the way.
Talking of bonds, this week Chris and I celebrated our 5 year Wedding Anniversary. Every year it shocks me how another year has flown round and Thursday was no exception, as he was working, we celebrated on Friday evening with a takeaway in 'date' style and it was really lovely to have a few hours together just chatting; it's rare to be able to spend that amount of time in each others company without distractions!
All in all it's been a really lovely week surrounded by the people I care about the most - this next week is pretty busy, but will be enjoyable!

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  1. A wonderful word! Sounds like a lovely week, illness aside. I feel like I've gone from one thing to another the last few weeks, too - be great to feel tip-tip at some point! And a belated happy anniversary to you x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. I hope you feel better soon and happy anniversary to you ax