Isn't it funny what we see?

I often find myself wanting to write an empowering piece. A piece where everyone can relate and nod in agreement, but I never feel I have the power to be able to come up with that. I often lay and think about it as it swirls around my head, willing myself to find a way to get it out - because we're all naturally writers, we all have words flowing inside of us bursting to be said. It's just finding that way to project it in that particular way we need people to read it.
I recently watched a video where this utterly beautiful woman, she was naturally flawless, had tumbling locks and the most genuine eyes I have ever seen. She was something else, her guy was so lucky to have her as she seemed the sweetest person. She cared and she loved.
And then I felt sad as she mentioned how unattractive she was and how she hate being filmed below her shoulders as her weight was an issue for her, how she didn't like getting out much as people may look at her and judge her.
But all I could think was 'you're gorgeous, your actual face looks photo shopped (in the best way ever!), you're so kind, genuine and so sweet when you talk about what you love - your body will never reflect that. A size 8 body will never reflect the beauty that you naturally shine out and the truth is, anyone that matters won't judge or care about your physical self. They'll smile when you smile and they'll feel happy because they simply can't help but feel that way with you. You'll laugh and not one person will even think about that, because it doesn't matter to your dearest, they love you for you. You're beautiful.'

And then I realised that we're probably all doing that with ourselves, daily, for whatever reason. I know I do, I feel disappointed when I walk past my mirror in the morning and I'm not looking like a model - it's stupid because it's not realistic and to be honest right now, I'm not doing anything that means I stand a chance, so my head and mouth can stop moaning. I then go on to moan about my 'bloat' after eating pasta - but does it stop me from eating it? Nope. I also complain on a daily basis that my hair's too thin, straight and limp - well pregnancy did most of that one - but still we find things to feel miserable about but none of that actually defines me.
An old friend once said to me in high school 'don't ever stop being Immy, don't ever get thin - because you're cuddly - don't care about how much make up is on your face because you'd be too gorgeous and will literally end up with the plastics' and weirdly that has always stuck with me. I can describe the day - although a woman, I couldn't actually tell you the exact day - and I can remember how warm that made me feel, because naturally as a high school student, I didn't feel I amounted to much unless I was popular or the prettiest girl in our year.
But saying and thinking that now, I know that being pretty comes in array of different forms and I think we can all agree that the 'prettiest' girls in our years, were not actually that pretty
It's natural we all get caught up in our own insecurities and it'll never change, but seeing that video made me change the way I felt about how I looked to other people. I always felt that they'd judge me the same way she felt they would her, and I'm sure you're the exact same. You don't have to be big to feel horrible about yourself. I find it a little upsetting that we all usually base ourselves down to our weight and I don't think it's any one person's fault in particular, it's just the way it is - 'beauty' has always been highly rated, but not the right type of beauty. The type that's within is the only one anyone else is looking at and it took that moment and that thought, to have that realisation.
It's strange having the type of moment where you feel a little out of body, yet you have that time where you reflect on your surroundings and importantly the close relationships. Them people like you for a reason. I like to think mine do because of my 'old before my time wise words' or my sarcasm, or I'll settle for 'in general because I'm not that bad a person' - at least that's what I like to think!
Basically I want to say - Isn't it funny what we see? Isn't odd how we can look at someone and just be at awe with them for just being who they are; whether it be a stranger or someone you know. When they share their words with you how little you care for appearances, how beautiful someone looks for just being themselves, lighting up their section of the world, very likely without knowing it.
So woman in the video, you're pretty lovely. And I'm probably pretty lovely too, to those who care. You're also pretty lovely too.

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  1. Lovely post! We're all pretty lovely and we all need to take time to focus on the things we like about ourselves more rather than concentrate on the things we're not so keen. PS: Love your hairstyle! Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

    1. Definitely, I do agree! I think it's so easy to focus on negatives when others usually see our positives, the mirror doesn't show our best :)
      Aww thank you!! :D xx