Halloween Reads - Splat the Cat What Was That? Review

I'm really in the mood for Halloween this year; more so than any previous year and I feel it's because the boys are getting a little bigger so we're able to enjoy it as a 'Holiday'. It is also the last one before the big C, so I feel it's a good mood-setter! Throwing myself into Halloween it seemed like the great, logical step would to be to buy some appropriate themed books. We're definitely a family who love a good book - we always have a bedtime story and huddle up to read it (it's usually only 3 of the 4).

So over the next couple of days I'm going to be sharing our new Halloween reads and what we thought about them!

I feel the bedtime story is a very important part of the bedtime routine it gives the boys time to calm down, cuddle and enjoy some time being apart of a story with one of us. It also gives us a focus and conversation point; it's amazing how much learning is done through reading and as a parent I want to subtly help them along their way.

My two little fellas jumped into our bed after Freddie selected which bedtime story we'd be reading tonight (we switch every night) and the one he picked out was Splat the Cat What Was That?.

The story is about Splat the Cat who has gone Trick or Treating with his friends Spike and Seymour. They've arrived at the last house and Splat is unsure about visiting, Seymour runs into the house and the decision is made to go searching for their friend. All through the house are strange noises and they get more creeped out the further they go through the house.

What we thought
The boys were really interested in the story and even though, Freddie doesn't like 'scary' things, he wanted to find out where Seymour had run off to and naturally wanted to rush to the end to find out what the scary noises were. Noah joined in with the 'ooo' noises (so it was a joint effort!).

I found two thing's confusing about the book, one was the flaps and when we were supposed to read them in relation to the story; it's definitely a book you'd have to flick through to figure out previous to reading, which can be easily sorted and two, the flaps doesn't make the story very easy to read when both sides of the paper was lift the flap (although it was sideways) - it'd definitely be one I'd be worry about them ripping if I left in the book pile in our lounge, but as a Halloween book it would be a great idea to keep safe for each year.

I do really like the fact on the back it includes 'Ages 4-8' but it doesn't mention this anywhere when purchasing which I think they're missing out on a valuable point; Freddie being 4, I feel the age recommendation is suitable as he was engaged and feel he will be for the next few years.

On the whole it fits in so well with the theme of Halloween and the story is the right length for my two boys to enjoy, the flaps also holds their interest. The illustrations are really pretty and are printed on a gloss. It's definitely a fun book for this time of year!


  1. I'd never heard of this book until this morning when Amazon had it in my recommendations list and now I've seen you've reviewed it - Spooky! It's like someone's telling me to buy it! I do like themed books for special times of year xx

    1. Ooh that is spooky! Haha, I think so.. maybe wait till next year now ;)
      Me too!.. I think next is Christmas!! xx