Halloween Reads - The Night Before Halloween Review

The looming date of Halloween is very much upon us, so we've been getting in the mood by reading some new books I brought from Amazon a couple of weeks ago.

The Night Before Halloween got chosen mainly because tonight is the night before the big day and so we felt the story would settle in with our feelings and mood for the event. We love a good read and a new book brings that extra excitement to our bubble, what is going to happen and how will the story unfold? We're going to find out. The boys love settling down and opening the pages, we love the enthusiasm so it makes for a lovely time.

Tonight there was two bedtime stories as Freddie wanted to read another that we have already and as Daddy was reading, it was quite a treat for them both.

The monsters in the house are getting excited as it's the night before Halloween, so they have to get the house ready for the trick or treaters which shall be arriving the following night. It swaps to the the people whom are getting ready on Halloween day and showing the excitement of what's to come.
 The monsters continue setting up for a party but as the people go to the door the wicked witch answers and scares the treaters away; but the monsters don't mind as they have a party by themselves!

What we thought
This book is a spin on the traditional story 'The Night Before Christmas' and the words are spun to suit a Halloween theme which was done in a really cool way; the verses rhyme and its a very lighthearted book to read. Noah was more drawn to this story but I feel its due to the colourful illustrations and how busy the pages were - he was also sitting on Daddy's lap (prime seat).
The story, like the traditional is a long one and therefore the boys lose interest and their gaze diverts after a while, although saying that there's plenty going on in the pictures so it's easy to draw them back in; this will mainly be down to their age and I'm sure next year will be very different. They both said they really enjoyed the story after it was read and that it wasn't very scary - good to know!

On the whole it's a bright and colourful book, which is very busy and full of rhymes. The illustrations are really humorous and brings out the fun side to Halloween!

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