"Can we build a house?"

Yesterday marked the first day of the half term for us. I was mostly shocked that it had come around so soon - we've been so busy and the weeks have slipped by us.
So naturally, you take things slightly slower in the holidays, just soaking up the boy that has been busy at school for the last 7 weeks and enjoy his everyday enthusiasm once again. I've missed him.

Before he barely out of PJ's he bounced and asked if we could build a house? He built a cushion fort on the sofa and climbed under them. It's really cute seeing them 'play' - I love seeing my boys do the whole running around, fighting big scenarios, believable or complete fantasy.
I found the big blanket we use when we head out for picnics and draped over from the back of the sofa over some of our dining room chairs allowing a circular 'cosy' house setting underneath. We padded it out with the cushions and put out a sign so that all knew - he was beside himself!
It makes me happy that something so effortless and simple brings so much excitement; oh what it's like to be a child.
I got told off for calling it a den as "it's a house Mummy!" so it was their cosy space for the afternoon. My grandparents and Mum came and visited them in the afternoon and they were so excited to share. Very protective.

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