5 Questions for our 5 year Wedding Anniversary

I woke up this morning and my husband had already left for work, it was dark and I really didn't want to get out from under the warm sheets - but I did (having kids kinda forces that issue). I climbed out and went to the wardrobe to pull out some clothes. It's the school run. It's also raining.
"It's my Anniversary!" pops into my head and I think momentarily how quick it's all gone, as you usually do. But, somehow it felt more special today because it marks 5 years being married to my husband. I've been married to my husband for half a decade and that feels massive. It is massive and so incredible!
We got married so young, he was 22 and I was 19, and we actually got married. It's quite surreal, but it makes me smile. We've achieved so much and honestly I have so many moments whilst I talk and look at him where I feel damn grateful he's mine. I'm lucky to have a guy who loves me as much as he does, I'm lucky that I chose such a awesome dude to have my children with - because he's pretty damn fantastic with them. He was at work and that made me feel a little sad. It felt too much like a 'normal' day and whilst it is, it's a day of reflection and I love thinking back and reliving it. I'm a romantic at heart and I feel pretty pleased to have found a guy I'm really content with.

So this year I thought I would try something a bit different and asked hubby to join forces with me and come up with a post together. I thought it'd be cool to ask him 5 questions on our marriage and see what he came up with - it'd be something to remember our half-decade-anniversary!

It went a little like this...

What's it like being married to me?
Good, because I love you.
What is one dream you have for our future?
To live together/married forever.
What's your favourite part of being married?
Coming home from work to you and the boys.
What has brought you joy recently?
The boys and you getting into Open Uni.
If we were to get married again, what would you want to do differently?
Don't know
I firstly was surprised at how quick he had answered them, but then I read them and was like 'aww' - I felt slightly disappointed - I wanted to read something moreish, but I then realised it's him. It's my husband, Chris, answering the straight question in front of him, not particularly elaborating any answer (although c'mon - surely you've seen a chick flick?) and thinking on it for a little while, even whilst typing it up; I don't need the words on the paper, he shows his love in a mountain of cuddles, cheeky grins and really, really bad jokes (but I usually laugh (- because they're that lame)). That actually the lack of words almost speak for themselves anyway, so I figured although it'd be nice to have his heart on paper I'd wonder what had really happened to him, because honestly, who's married to Mr Darcy?!*
* If you know, steal him and send him this way! Ha ;)
(You can read last years anniversary here and here)

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