Toucan Box #2

 I'm very behind showing you this box that we did a couple of weeks ago!
I have to say we really enjoyed looking through this box because the activities wasn't something we were expecting - we do love the element of surprise. In this box we were given instructions to make a Dream Catcher and Indian Headband and we were both excited to get creating.

I do really love how we get clear and simple instructions as Freddie loves to feel a big part of what's going on.

In this pack we were given all the tools for the job (except scissors), yet this time we were given paints to decorate - this was definitely Freddie's favourite thing to do! (It also helped that there was two activities to paint as I think he would've been impatient to wait to do the next part of only 1)
He managed to do most of it himself but I helped with the threading of the wool - he was so pleased with the outcome. Decorating it and choosing the feathers, it looked really pretty once it was done.

Now that his bedroom is nearly completed we've promised to hang it up about his head in the bedroom - I think it'll be a lovely touch!

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