Things to Remember! #SundayStationery

I now sit and type at my new desk - it was primarily to just test how it'd be for the real thing next week. Can you believe it? Next week I start my course and I'm really looking forward to stepping into the new realm of assignments. I'm aware that it's going to be another thing on my list of things to do, but what's life without a bit of chaos? I just know it's going to worth it down the line so I'm embracing this last week!

The above picture was taken on my new desk too! I was on the lookout of a light coloured desk, because as well as doing a course, I'm a blogger and a pretty big lover of some Instagram so it was absolutely necessary to purchase for the backdrop of any 'flatlay' I choose. I'm so cliché!

On the basis of setting everything up I've been gathering a few pieces from around my home. I've been emptying drawers and cleaning out them boxes under my bed and found some goodies that I thought would be great for this little tag I've joined with. Sticky notes and a 'Things to do today' list (with the added option of placing priority) - I feel will be very useful in the next few months.. I'm going to need to keep constant reminders with me at all times; so these are sitting on my desk, with my pen pot/mug next to it, ready for them moments.

The Pop Art book you ask? Well, it's my favourite style of Art and it was my favourite book throughout the years as a Art Student but it's been left in a cupboard and I didn't have the heart to throw it out or give it away, so I've been cutting some pieces out to hang around my desk area this last week but I want to do a separate post on my little corner so I'll show you more in detail then :) do look out for that next week - I really think it's going to become my happy corner.

So the burning question, do you think I've got enough sticky notes?

The Reading Residence


  1. In love with those little page flag style sticky notes with the fox & bird on them

    1. Hehe me too! I was lucky to get them a Stationery swap a while back, hid them up in a safe place and forgot - glad I found them again! x

  2. Can you every have enough?! It all looks lovely, and exciting that you're all set now for your course, too :) Thanks for sharing with #SundayStationery

    1. Exactly my answer.. could have sticky notes for days!
      Thank you, it's definitely getting exciting :D X