The Weekend

 The Weekend feels such a treat for me these days, as it's pretty much the only time I get to spend any amount of time with my big boy. The week runs away with us and the weekend is far too short. It flies by and I'm appreciating the little moments I get with them both together.

We often spend our Saturdays food shopping and this week wasn't much different, only that Chris was off which made the whole weekend that bit more special. Chris opted to stay at home with a napping Noah doing a few of them chores he's promised he'd do over the last couple of weeks whilst Freddie and I hit Morrisons with my parents and sister. After we had lunch out and came home to deal with the packing away. It was nice coming back home to our other two as it's usually just the boys and I, wrestling to put the shopping away before all the contents end up on the floor.

As soon as the shopping was away Freddie was begging me to bake some Spiderman cakes, so we did. I'm always trying to say 'yes' more to the boys because I hate the fact I dismiss things so quickly for really very little reason, but at the weekend I make the effort to be 'fun mum'.
The boys ended up also having a 'picnic' tea at their little table and just had a very quick, naughty food tea party which they both really enjoyed. Noah loved sitting on a chair as you can see in picture below (one Chris managed to snap - I love it!) and it made a simple everyday thing quite fun.

Chris was working 7am-3pm so it was a very chilled out morning for us, we got up and hung around in our PJ's till 10am and then got dressed, Noah then went down for a nap whilst Freddie and I did the latest Toucan Box - we were really disappointed in it as it was very similar to the first one we had and we were hoping for a bit more than that!

After Freddie wanted to watch TV and play on the Nintendo DS for a bit, so I ended up hanging washing up, hoovering and then did my #SundayStationery post. I also did some work cards for Freddie's learning word bank which I hope to share with you soon - I was so impressed with him he did so well! Read his school books after lunch and just hung out with my little's for a while.

I get so I feel a little sad Sunday night as I have to prepare Freddie's packed lunch and then lay his uniform out. I do miss my little chatter buddy!

You Baby Me Mummy

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