This Summer I was very snappy happy with my phone camera and uploading on Instagram over our 6 weeks off, it's by far my favourite Social Media as I just love photo's and capturing a memory in literally seconds!
I even started a hashtag of #summerwiththereynolds and I thought it'd be nice to round our Instagram summer-y-ness up over on here!
Breakfast on holiday; one Jam, one Nutella ;)
Up the top of the Black Mountains
Silly Selfies with Freddie

Noah on a Tree Stump in Picton Castle & Gardens
 Enroute to South Wales!
 Noah on the lawn in South Wales
 Chris and I on Holiday
 Exploring Tenby in South Wales
The weather was very dramatic at times in South Wales; there was a lot of cloud love!

 Pretty flowers by our back door in South Wales; I was also showing off my new shoes and denim shirt dress!
 Freddie at the top of the Black Mountains - he loved his holiday!
 Selfies with Noah
 The Water Fountain at Picton Castle and Gardens
 Before heading home from holiday!
 Playing on the Nintendo DS nicely; Freddie come to love it & Noah to watching!
 Messy Eating means automatic bath cleanse; Noah loves a good bath!
 At the start of our Summer our littlest had teething issues resulting in many sleepy cuddles
 Gingerbread men as a treat for eating all their tea up!
 Making many crafts this Summer with Freddie's Toucan Box
Dusk views from the house in South Wales
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