Milestones: First Day of School

 I remember holding my newborn seconds after his birth, looking at him and saying "yup, he's Freddie" and from that day he continues to be our Baby Freddie. 4 and a half years and that newborn was off to big school.
I write this a week after he started (and I'm trying to figure out how time has gone so fast). Life it truly mental at the moment!

So of course the obligatory First Day photos had to be taken the morning before he left our house. We went for the traditional 'what do you want to be when you grow up?' this little one says he'd like to be a Builder! Naturally all photo's looked hilarious. Oh a bloggers life!

He left treading in new Clarks school shoes, packed up with his first packed lunch in his new and unused yumbox and spotlessly clean (and new) P.E bag and backpack. I was nervous for him, anxiously waiting to drop him off and somehow guide around a new classroom and cloakroom. I felt the same nerves as I did walking into school on the first day of a new year.

 My boy was full of mixed reactions, he was jumping around and really excited, yet stepping into school he was very quiet; which is completely unlike him, he's usually confident and full of life. It was actually kind of nice to see the shy version of him as it showed me how much he is still my little boy and needs reassuring. He held onto my hand with a tight grip and looked a little lost.
A little boy swamped in a big classroom full of bigger people.

They've got this routine where you drop your bag and coat off on your peg, change your reading book and then put your book bag in your tray, then dropping off your water bottle and then writing your name on the whiteboard.
It was a busy start to the morning and it was so lovely to see him begin to settle in as I left. I couldn't wait to hear what his morning was like! (went till 1pm for 2 days)

On picking him up I saw him with his bunch of friends running around the playground and it was so heart warming, I even had a little tear. He seemed to enjoy it and shared what he had been up to in the morning! He ate his lunch and seemed to have no worries about anything which was lovely to see.
However.. have you tried explaining to a 4 year old why he has to 'read' books that have no words in..?


  1. So glad he's had a good first week!

    1. Me too! You never know what to really expect do you? X