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I've recently, you may have noticed, lost my blogging mojo. I've seemed to have struggled to get anything down in front of me and I think it's due to so many distractions i.e. new beginnings.
The Summer was fairly busy for us and I never really ever got much time to settle down and get some posts out, so I ended up treading water and posted when I had time but, now it's resulted in so much back work - it has been a little daunting to get back on the ball again.
I've had times where I've started posts but couldn't find the words, or I was interrupted in the flow and moved onto decorating, organising and planning - not forgetting the outings we've had recently!
But I want to get back on it and find my space again, I want to get them posts written and feel up to date and in turn refreshed, which is something I haven't felt for a few weeks; so I thought I'd start with a little on what we've been up to recently.

So as you know by now, Freddie has started school. He has settled in well and he's really enjoying it from what I've heard and seen! He is completely exhausted when he gets home, I'm hoping by half term he'll have adjusted with the balance of school and home - I myself am trying to learn how to manage my time as it's surprising how quick the school day goes (there it is again, that time matter!). I've been filling my days up with playing with Noah, chores and last week was full on decorating, dismantling and rearranging so by the time he was home we were all feeling a little tired! But it doesn't seem to stop there as he's started school books, y'know the blank ones where it's all images? At first he was adamant that the books were for babies because there was no words, but after a bit of prompting he's starting to make a story out of the pages. It's such a lovely thing to share with him as he's very sure and talks of facial expressions and what's going to happen next (cause and effect). He's come home with a few chosen words to learn and I can feel we're going to have fun with them!

But it does take time to adjust and well, it's all a new start for us all. I think the main reason why I've felt so all over the place is because everything is on a deadline, like the decorating and sorting bedrooms out took over the whole house as things had to get moved around. I've also yet to set my desk area and my course is starting pretty soon.. but we're mostly down to the little details and I hope once I sort my area out I can get back into Vlogging again because I've seriously neglected my channel!
I haven't got a area where I can do it very well at the moment so hoping once it's sorted, it'll settle certain things down. I'm having them moments when I'm like 'once that's sorted everything will fall into place' and I'm sure it will - it's just getting it organised!

So as well as all that we've been out and about a bit during the weekend. I've been looking forward to the weekend because that's when I can switch off with the boys. I can appreciate and enjoy every moment with them because it doesn't feel like we're all together for very long. They're both getting so big, I only seem to blink and it's like they've shot up again, it's a very important time to switch my energy into helping and encouraging them in all the little things.

Freddie went to his friends party at the weekend at a local soft play which was really lovely! The party was really relaxed and he had so much fun, he came home so hyped and completely out of breath. It was quite nice also as it gave me a chance to get to know some of the other mums at school better!

Noah has become very vocal since Freddie has gone to school (something we thought would happen), it's really given him the space to develop himself and has been spitting out sentences and the odd word - my, it's still as exciting the second time around! There's many things you wouldn't think would impress you the second time round but it still makes me smile. They may do the same but it's not exact circumstances and it's so lovely to be able to watch it again. He's also got to the point where he's wanting to go to the toilet when Freddie does and of course we pop him on there and he's so excited! (we've even had a wee!) He's also had his first walk out in his reins yesterday (pictured above) and it was so cute.
I'm definitely noticing how everything is progressing - it's crazy to think that this time next year I'll be walking him up to Nursery!

Another really exciting thing that happened recently was a copy of a interview Els and I did for British Deaf News, dropped through the letterbox. We got asked back in June if we'd like to answer a few questions and get featured as they found our posts really interesting! It felt so exciting to be asked something as cool as this so we jumped at the chance because who doesn't love their work getting recognised? I'm really proud of our co-hosted blog 'A Subtitled Life' because it's our platform to talk about how we feel regarding our hearing loss. It makes for interesting content as we have different views regarding our Deaf Identity - it's just amazing to see it in print!

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