The word that sums my week up is definitely drowning. It seems a very melodramatic word to choose, but I'm feeling a bit ill, so indulge me please?

This week has been so busy, we've had first days, decorating and illness. It's honestly been non stop since Freddie has started school and in some ways I love that it's taken my mind off of the fact that my biggest boy is absent from our home most of the day, I've somewhat yet to enjoy them few hours to just 'potter'.
I've definitely found that I can spend more time with Noah and that he talks loads when Freddie isn't around.. little noises and sentences are starting to spill out and it's so lovely to have some quality time with him. I think he's definitely enjoying alone time with us and being left to peruse all the toys without an input from his older brother!

We've been ridiculously busy with decorating the bedrooms, swapping the beds, putting up wardrobes and generally living in a upside down house. It's been chaotic and I've had so many evenings where I've tried to straighten the area out, but it appeared impossible.
Now at the end of the week we've started to regain some order and the bedrooms are starting to look really lovely. I shall definitely show you all what we've done there in the near future!

Somehow amongst all of that I've come down ill. I've been dealing with a temperature (apparently cold to touch but I'm basically on fire.. today I went in Morrisons and the freezer aisle was perfect temperature, I was just right) a tickly throat and a runny nose. It's liveable and I'm by no means bedbound but it puts that added weight on during the day, making little things a little harder, mainly due to feeling a bit breathless and lightheaded at times.
I've had it for a couple of days and I'm hoping it'll leave my body as soon as it came because we've got a busy weekend! Tomorrow, Freddie has his first birthday party to attend (with school friends!) and Sunday I've got a meal with a few Deaf friends which I'm looking forward to; I want to really enjoy it all, I just hope I feel much better by the time it arrives.
It's going to be nice to have Freddie around, I want to spend time with him this weekend doing what he wants because I've noticed school has totally drained him of energy - in many ways its fairly refreshing! Most days he's been ready to flop as soon as he walks through the door and grabs the DS for some quiet time. What with everything else it doesn't feel like he's in the house very long before it's bedtime and then its around again.. it's made for a couple of quiet days!

So where have I been drowning? Amongst all the chores, making packed lunch, bed time stories, decorating, school runs and feeling ill, I've got seriously behind on blogging and there's posts from a couple of weeks ago that are yet to be done (eek!), I'm looking forward to some normality towards the end of the month where I can start to catch up. But in the meantime I'm going to enjoy this weekend and try and get better - next week I'll start to catch up!

The Reading Residence


  1. I feel like I'm coming down with yet another cold too - it must be something about being back to school! #WotW

    1. Haha definitely! My friend says it's like Freshers Flu - funnily enough none of the boys are suffering from it! X

  2. Oh my goodness - I'm not surprised you feel like you are drowning lovely. I hope you are feeling better soon and manage to get a bit of rest over the weekend xx

    1. Thank you for your kindness - it put a smile on my face :) xx

  3. Oh, having a cold just makes everything that much harder, doesn't it? And along with such a busy week, I see why you feel you're drowning! Hope this weekend is better and Freddie enjoys the party. Thanks for sharing with #WotW x