South Wales in Photos (and Video!)

You may have figured by now we've been on Holiday to South Wales and that we had a pretty great time!
As I mentioned on Holiday: South Wales, Llangadog I took over 500 photo's and it took a while to go through them, let alone cropping or anything else. (I found I didn't really need to edit any of them, just to crop and straighten on a few - plus I don't like to over edit anything) so I've picked a few favourites.
These were the sheep at the bottom of the garden, in the next field and often over on the common.
My Grandparents prepping Fresh Peas for tea.

I love nature and I just love that in fields and more relaxed areas there's plenty of wild flowers.

The evening light in this is so beautiful.

Eating Jammy toast for breakfast!

Freddie & Evie.

Noah loved feeding the dogs, it became the hilarious thing to do at mealtimes - drop food for them, they of course loved this!

Sneaking off down the hallway.

Walking around in Tenby.

Tenby had so many colourful houses and bendy little roads.

Noah got transported around in the baby carrier as we thought it'd be easier than taking a buggy etc as it takes up a lot of room, but this laid flat as  pancake and he loved it up there!
I made an effort to get some family shots as my family aren't particularly ones for group photo's so I had to herd them up - glad I did though!
Take 2! (In Tenby)
We went to Tenby twice over the time we were there. The first time the weather wasn't all that warm but the second was hot - there was so much exploring that could be done that both days was still busy.
My Cheeky Monkey!

Houses all along the Harbour front. Looks so pretty and reminds me of Balamory!
All signposts have obviously Welsh and English translations - Having a conversation with Chris and Grandparents on the way into Wales at how we always forget everything is also in Welsh writing and that some words look like random letters have been thrown together. Definitely makes you feel like you're on your Hols!

I love seeing parts of old architecture surrounded by new.
My Grandad turned 80 whilst we were away and we went up to the Black Mountains. He loves being amongst the hills and he regularly gushes over the pretty views.
The clouds were so dramatic whilst we were away and they make for the most interesting pictures, especially when there's a break and the sunshine peaks through!
On the way down from the Black Mountains.

Driving around you get to see so many pretty little villages and go over many bridges.
Before we all headed out to my Grandads Birthday Meal. Of course my dad doesn't fit the norm.

Me and my Noah before we went out for the birthday meal. It was lovely food and we had a great time.

On a rainy day you could barely see this view, but on sunny ones, it was so beautiful. Literally steps away from the house. We were next door to a farm.
A family snap was essential. My boys look so big now!
This little one is still so cautious when he takes a walk around, making sure he's checking the ground before the next step.
These are some of my favourite snaps I've taken of this little guy. He's casually taking a walk around the garden.
Opening a bottle of drink - of course they both wanted it at the same time. I didn't manage to get many snaps of them together, they didn't really linger around long enough for me to take a picture!

My Grandad and Mum having a chat in the garden!
Figuring out where to visit.. Freddie loved picking places out on the map!
Before going on Holiday I got Freddie to do some chores (nothing slave labour) in return having some pocket money to spend once we were away and he got a 4 piece Thunderbird aircraft set and he loves them; still plays with them constantly at home! Another piece of evidence that he's growing up, wanting bigger boy toys!
Mum and I before we headed out for the day.
Chris took this lovely shot of Noah sitting waiting in the car. His smile is so cute!
I brought Noah this top in H&M for £1! I love it - he looked a very stylish Toddler!
Ruins in Llandovery. We stopped for lunch on the way out and in the car park there was castle ruins, Chris, my sister and the boys went for a walk up the hill to have a look around.
His face is adorable!
My Dad, Sister and Freddie took the dogs for a walk as far as you can go before reaching the castle. It was a national trust one but I can't remember the name! (That blue sky though!)
More stunning views, everywhere you went you had these backdrops.
One evening Chris & I went for a walk after the boys fell asleep at the house, it was lovely to be able to have some time together and chat for a half hour before the sun set.
The evening sky was lovely. We walked down the bridge at the end of the common - I really wanted to take pictures of the evening sky and the water.
It was nice to spend time with this guy without a laptop or TV to distract us. We spent evenings colouring, reading or took a walk.
Chris offered to go down to the stones and take a picture of the bridge for me. I love the lighting.
Someone else was rather fascinated in their big brothers toys too!

The second time we came to Tenby we went up the South front. The colours were beautiful.
The beach was busy, I love that there was an Ice cream van down on the beach too.
I love Noahs whispy hair. He always looks like he doesn't have any as it so light but it's getting thicker.

This facial expression was very often out at the dinner table, it made us all giggle and I think it made a game for him as there was no reason for this face.. if you giggled at him he would slowly start grinning. We call it the brickster face (seek Lego People).



  1. Aww these pictures are so lovely, hope you had an amazing time!!

    1. Thank you :) yes we really had a lot of fun! Always lovely to go on holiday isn't it? X