Our Month in Photo's - July

*I'd firstly like to say it's been a year since doing Our Month in Photo's and I'm so happy that I started recording our monthly doings because I love reflection and I love that I can think back and appreciate all the goodness in our month, even on the worst ones, it's nice to see how we grow.*
Oh Goodbye July!
Well haven't you whizzed by? I can't believe it's over. We had such a busy month and I think it's been my favourite so far, it's been a mixture of activity and milestones this month!
The weather (yes, I am really old) has been so random this month, we somewhat celebrated a heatwave at the start and now at the end, it's been really miserable, I even resorted to writing a post about activities to do on a rainy day - IT'S JULY!?
However it has been a lovely, sad and eventful month.
It's a month where you know things are finalising for the Summer, Freddie finished Nursery and that was a massive milestone for us as a family because it symbolises the fact in nearly a month he shall be a school pupil. It really makes me wonder where life has gone; I have this mixture of feelings inside me where it feels like he's been here forever (probably because he's been here nearly as long Chris & I have been together!), yet at the same time I just realise that I've got a little one who's going to school. School.
We've had a new addition add to our family in the form of Sniggy and he's so damn adorable, I'm so close to ordering a truck load (I think Freds would actually die of happiness!). He has fit into our little family so well and both my boys love the socks off them - pun totally intended.

We've been so busy, although pretty tame in most regards but the Summer Holidays arrived before we barely blinked, Noah is confidently walking now and very rarely bum shuffles - I do feel a little sad by this, but he's grown up so much over this last month (started feeding himself at mealtimes) and he's just this little person who's like all perfectly sized and everything looks how it should but shrunk down. He looks so small pottering around but he's so beautiful, he has so much sunshine inside of him, it makes me happy daily. We've also been to the Village Fete where we had such a lovely time, Sports Day, Chris has been on holiday so we had a few lazy days - oops, had a girls night, I joined in with a Stationary Swap event and I loved my parcel - so many cute things that are going to be displayed on my desk come September!
But first.. lets bring on August!

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