Holiday: South Wales, Llangadog

I stepped out the car and we had arrived. My bum was numb and I was so glad to be able to stretch my legs, I'm not used to sitting down for a long period as a mum of two boys. Two boys who were very excited to get out and explore. We'd arrived and our Holiday just started. 3rd-12th August.
We were blessed to have really gorgeous views and to be so close to the village common; we were staying in my dad's parents holiday home. The first thing was settling the whole party in. 10 of us in total went for a whole 9 days.
Everyday was filled with activities and the house was flowing with conversation, there was never a quiet moment and it was really fun. I love holidays for that sense of being somewhere different and soaking up your surroundings; it genuinely felt good for the soul and I think I'd have quite happily stayed there the whole Summer just living everyday. But as I said to a sad Freddie on our departure "It's not a Holiday if you don't go home", however I think we'd have made it feel like one.

I took over 500 photo's whilst away and made a little video of our time (however I did kind of forget to Vlog at times!). We're a family who love to go exploring and hunting around when we're away, but our location meant that we had to travel a distance to see many of the exciting places and we're happy to do that for a great day out. We visited places like Tenby, The Black Mountains, Carmarthen and Picton Castle & Gardens - we drove around a lot in the hilly sections as we're a family to love being amongst the hills (probably a lot to do with living in Norfolk!) and we enjoy the views and the walks it brings - the general outdoors is what we like. I love having a walk and feeling the air, I love having a look around places we don't necessarily see whilst we're at home but it does make for a tiring time.

At the home we had no TV and no Wifi (I however was the only one who had 3G+) so we enjoyed time just relaxing and talking. We also got into a spot of colouring - it's something my sister has wanted to do for a while and it seemed like the perfect opportunity, we went for it and whilst at the start I couldn't really see why it was a craze, I enjoyed having something easy to do as we sat around the table. I took two books but I only read like 5 chapters as I was so busy and really distracted (I can't seem to read very well when there's loads of people laughing and chatting) so the Adult Colouring was a cool activity - plus we have so many inside jokes on Crayola.
The boys were so happy waking up surrounded by family, especially Freddie who'd love to creep downstairs and hop into bed with my sister for a bit before we all woke, he just loved having people to play endless snap with (something he became a little obsessed with) and Noah took a little longer to settle in - he was unsure at bedtime and was generally a little bit needy, but he soon settled and ran up and down the hallway to greet everyone!

Actual proof I was on Holiday too! (I asked Chris to take this as I always find when I get back from days out/holidays - I'm never in a photo haha)

I asked my Grandad if he'd take a photo of the boys and I - I love this backdrop too!
I took so many photo's that, I simply can't choose my favourites, so watch out, there'll be a photo post soon - these are just the beginning. I really loved being able to snap such beautiful pictures.

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