Freddie's First Toucan Box

 At the beginning of the Summer I signed up with Toucan Box. I had a thought that it'd be cool to have a surprise activity arrive through the post every 2 weeks (or month if you arrange it). It comes address to Freddie and it's the one thing he does get a little excited for, we settled down at the table and opened it wondering what's going to be inside.

 I like that it says 'Quality Time Delivered' on the front because it's exactly that. Quality time with my big boy; we sat down and as we went through the instructions he couldn't help but hunt around the package. For a smallish parcel there's surprisingly a lot packed in. Nearly everything is provided within the pack (even stencils!) so it makes the activity a lot easier to do, we only had to get the scissors out for this one!

 Everything was really simple and easy to read as they give step by step instructions with pictures, this even made it doable for Freddie whom can't read but spoke through what the pictures showed. He was fascinated with the 'jewels' for the crown and couldn't wait to get to it.

I really enjoyed this time with him as it gives us plenty to talk about as every parcel is surrounded a theme, this one being Medieval, I told him about what the activities were (there's two in the petite box!) and he went on to tell me what he knew about Dragons, Knights and Kings.
I did have to assist him through the steps as he couldn't get the sticky backs off and needed help with placing the ribbon straight, but most of it (especially the finger puppets) he did alone. He was very confident in what colours he wanted to use - such a lovely touch that they provided crayons!

 Every activity comes with 'grown up assistance' and 'messiness' bar which demonstrates what they feel would be the right level of messiness and assistance needed - I found these bars to be about right, although Freddie needed more help than perhaps someone older would need. I was more than happy to help him as I think he loved that I was as much part of it as he was, he really enjoys the one on one attention that's needed.

As you can tell he was pretty chuffed with the things he made. It was a very good first box, nothing too complicated and what I hope was something to ease us in for the next box! Our first box was free (so could yours be if you enter Imogene Reynolds or we've gone for the petite box which is £3.95 plus 95p for P&P - I can't wait to share our second box!

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  1. I've heard of Toucan boxes before, but never seen inside them. Love the crafts in this one. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

    1. Yeah I heard of them many times before signing up, I thought it'd be great as something to do over the holidays! :) xx

  2. This looks loads of fun and somebody looks like they had a great time thanks for linking to the binkylinky

    1. It was, very full on activity and probably set us back an hour - he loved it! :) x