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The month of September is going to be a busy one for us, not only is Freddie heading off to school, we've made plans to decorate both bedrooms and organise our space better. If you aren't already aware, I'm due to start a Open Uni Course come 3rd October so we're working with our plans to create a desk area in our room ready for the start of my coursework.
We've had to make plans to swap the bedrooms back again as it's impossible to be able to fit a desk area as well as our bedroom furniture in our little box room so, we've decided to swap over as we want to be able to get a decent size desk in; so I don't have to use the dining table. We've ordered some new wardrobes for the boys room and we're getting rid of things that they don't use in order for them to fit well in there. They're also not currently at the age where they want to play in their bedroom, it's always in our lounge area so I don't think they'll disadvantage!

So I've been thinking of desk plans and I've been searching for ideas on what I'd like the bedroom to look like (Chris is like do what you like, as per!) but I've been looking at prints as the wall we're facing the desk at is a blank canvas so I want to pop some cute and arty prints up there to make the space look lovely! Etsy has become one of my favourite places of late to have a nose around and there's so many gorgeous things! I'm hoping to get a few of these prints over time, but I'm really quite desperate for that Wind in the Willows and Narnia Book Page :D
I have noticed how all these prints are book related.. but they are all my favourites! Which one is yours?
  •  I've always loved Wind and the Willows and I remember my parents bought me a proper hardback book as a kid, I used to draw the people in them and I read to Freddie (Beanie Bump) when we lived in our old house.
  • I have a vision of the Penguin Book Cover Print hanging over the bed in the Duck Egg, matching our pastels theme - I might get this as our Anniversary Present (hehe!)
  • I have spoken of my love towards Jane Austen books so many times, I love Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice, they are my absolute favourite stories so it makes sense to have Prints reflecting that!
  • Both Chris and I love The Chronicles of Narnia and he's actually just finished reading the complete collection recently. Again my parents bought me the collection for Christmas one year when I was younger and they've always been magical to me.

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