Boy's Holiday Activity Boxes

So, we're on holiday (don't worry, we're not anywhere exotic - only Wales!) and we've been here 4 days by now, but I wanted to show you something I planned for the boys before we left. I got the idea in my head for the boys to have some activity packs for whilst we're away because where we're staying, we have no Internet or TV and I thought it would be really lovely to put a individual pack for them both; simply so that they have something new to play with and well I love to treat them!

 I made sure that I made them age appropriate for them both, picking items that I thought they'd really enjoy playing with whilst we're away. They are a funny pair because I know they'll end up playing with each others as well as their own but I know they'll be thrilled to receive them once we're there!

 Ben 10 figure // Mini Sketch Board // ABC Flashcards // QPootle5 Giant Playing Cards // Hot Wheels Car
I found it so easy to gather things for Freddie because he's one to love anything you give him. I know he's easily impressed, yet I made selections that I know he'll enjoy and get more than a couple of minutes enjoyment out of. I thought it would be good to get some playing cards because he loves playing Snap and matching pairs so, it'd be a game anyone could play with - plus there's a couple of instructions for games I've not even heard of!
He adores his magic writer so when I came across this mini one I knew it'd be ideal to take with us. He loves to play noughts and crosses and doddle on it so it'll get loads of use!

Building Blocks // Helicopter Toy // Wooden Robot // Hot Wheels Car
I struggled with getting a few items for Noah so I had to head into town and have a good look around in the shops, but being his age it's not easy to find small individual items but I found some and I'm really pleased with what I got! Noah is definitely getting to that Toddler independent stage where he wants his own things and he now knows when Freddie gets something he doesn't - he can no longer be left out these days, bless him. I think he will really love his toys and we'll have to watch out for Freds so he doesn't steal them!

I went into the pound shop and I just went to look for something to put these items in and I instantly came across these - they were perfect in size and having a handle and a sturdy box makes it great for them to keep in the future.. maybe even to pop Christmas presents in, when it comes to it, they've got them to place their things in. Putting their name on them makes it easier to package them back for the journey home and whilst we're there.
I'm really pleased with how this worked out and I worked it out to be around £16, definitely an idea I'll use again!

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