It feels so weird to be sitting at the laptop and typing, the last time was 12 days ago and to be honest feels more like a year. I couldn't figure out the best way to getting back into writing again, but I knew rambling out how I'm feeling, probably is a pretty good place to start.

I've been on holiday! I'm unsure to whether I feel rested or not, I feel like I want to be back there and just having a few more days - I've got a serious case of the holiday blues and I can't seem to shake it. I do wonder what's up with me at times as I do seem to be heavily affected by the blues at times - but I've found looking through the holiday snaps has been rather lovely. I loved having my camera by my side and just snapping every little moment. So many make my heart melt and honestly, I'm a gooey mess when it comes to my family.
It felt more like I went to a fun camp than a holiday, I suppose that's why I don't feel 'rested', I spent everyday exploring out and about, chatting away to my family over meals out and in, we were busy and we were a hub of excitement but I have to say I miss them all. I miss the busyness we had. I think they felt it too. My Mum texted me last night saying she missed sleeping in the tent and that it would've been nicer if the holiday could've lasted longer, my Nan rang and said her house felt so quiet and that she missed the boys. We're a close family and I think we settled in pretty easy enough. (Okay, if we had 2 more bathrooms it would've been nicer ;)) I think we had a hard hit to reality, plus the weather hasn't be all that summery!

I felt myself get stressed from the second I was in the house as I kept thinking 'washing' (my basket was pretty full before I left!) and how it had been forecast to rain for the next 3 days solidly. honestly I know it's a little petulant, the boys were stupidly overtired due to lots of late nights and early starts - everything got on top of them, plus my Open Uni funding had been successful said my email but a letter I received said something else and to be honest it put me in a negative space.. it seems the letter was sent out wrong. Phew. It bothered me hugely and I think it made me realise how much I'm looking forward to doing the course and how much hope I had pinned on it, emotionally and mentally.
I've still got a stack of pictures to go through and loads of posts to write.. school uniform to gather and just under 4 weeks left of my precious babies all to myself, a kitchen to paint and a couple of playdates planned. This holiday is going by so fast.

Talking of fast, we all got some really happy news yesterday in that my baby brother had got into Uni and despite his rough time earlier this year he was able to bag himself some fab grades and is leaving the nest - I can't believe he's old enough to go now but I'm so proud of that dude and I know he doesn't read this blog but on the off chance he does, I hope he knows how thrilled I am for him (and that I totally fist pumped once hearing the results - yeah, I am cool).

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  1. It is hard to get back into things after a fun break, and I always obsess about getting the washing done, too. I'm looking forward to getting my study materials soon, I think they go out at the end of this month - we'll be studying in no time! Hope you have a good week, thanks for sharing with #WotW x

    1. It really is isn't it? I've only just started getting back into routine! Ooh really? I got my confirmation the other day I'm so excited to get started :D xx

  2. I can feel the weight of this post. Its really hard to go back to normal and I hope you will get back into the groove in the next days! Congrats to your brother. Such amazing accomplishment =) #wotw

    1. Thank you! :) yes I'm back to normal now - holidays are so carefree! X