A Day Out at Picton Castle & Gardens

 On our last day in South Wales we knew we had to arrange a day where we could take the dogs with us as a 6 hour drive back home, was going to be hard for them; so the idea was suggested to go to Picton Castle & Gardens - I was handed a leaflet of the place and was instantly sold. I love places like this, I could walk around them all day soaking it in. I love flowers and I love beautiful photo opportunities.

There was surprisingly a lot to do around the grounds and there was so many little pathways, hideaways and secret gardens and woodland areas perfect for a picnic. There were activities like a Maze, Jungle Adventure Boardwalk, a Castle Tour and Art Gallery as well as a Lawnmower museum and Art Gallery. There was something for everyone and definitely a place you could visit over and over again - we never made it to the Castle Tour, I'd love to have a explore!

Noah was awfully clingy this day as well and all he wanted was me to pick him up and carry him, he was heartbroken when anyone else (kinda nice when all they want is you - a small window chance!) went to so I was impressed with how many photos I managed to take especially as some were candid shoot and click shots.
The place was stunning. I was in love with the place, the playground was like a fairy-tale, wooden little houses and castles with planks of wood so you could walk between them. Freddie loved it - we had a hard time pulling him away!

This whole place reminded me of my end of college project which was all about The Secret Garden. I wrote a story to go along with it, all about a girls love with the outdoors and her perfect home.

The Walled Garden was my favourite part of the Gardens as it had this gorgeous water fountain with lily pads, I couldn't stop taking pictures of this little hideout!

We were very lucky as the weather was really warm, it was perfect for this type of adventure.

I found myself having a look around the Art Gallery alone before we left, I was branded 'the arty one' so I was pretty chuffed to have some time to wander around a quiet gallery. I sometimes forget this side of me these days as I'm consumed with parenting and blogging that I forget I love walking around and looking at artist's work. I love a gallery and I love being where I can get creative. It definitely inspired me to be more artistic with my time!

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