Village Fete

We're lucky that even though we live in a village, that there's some big events happen. Every year there's a Fete and even a festival called 'Snettfest' - which I've never been to.. but it features local bands/acts/stalls and carries on late into the night!

This is the first time we've been to the village fete as we weren't able to attend last year and as Freddie's nursery were providing a stall, we decided to help by myself manning the stall with some of the other parents for an hour and we donated a fruit basket to the tombola.
It ended up being loads of fun - I didn't realise how many stalls and activities there were and the boys had a really fun afternoon. Chris and the boys met up with me later in the afternoon and we went round, sadly the boys went on a few rides without me as I was on the stall a little longer than I had planned but I just felt bad leaving them!

I really enjoyed walking around and generally wasting the time away. There was so much there, an Ice cream van, bouncy castle, teacups, vintage cars, crafts stalls, BBQ, dog show and Punch and Judy show. My favourite was the old fashioned Punch and Judy show, it was really funny and it's been ages since I've seen a show like it - the boys however lost interest in it very quickly - but I found it good fun.
Working our way to the ice cream van the boys got one each and I decided to be better behaved and go for some strawberries and cream - yum!

One of the stalls I came across had these beautiful handmade dolls; I asked the lady behind if I could take a few photo's and whilst I snapped away she was tell me it takes her a week to make ONE of these dolls and they come in for an impressive £35 - I'm sure it doesn't leave much for her labour! She showed me one she was making for a friends daughter who loves Elsa from Frozen, it looked amazing.

Freddie's Nursery raised over £260 which is the most they've ever raised at this event and everything went - I'm so pleased it does some good for them!

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