Things Kids Do

I don't think there's ever a right first time. But I didn't expect it to be quite so... unexpected!
Yesterday Freddie went to Nursery as normal and on collection one of the Nursery Teachers hands me an accident form - we've had a few over the last 2 years he's been there so I chuckled to myself and had the thought 'what's he done to himself now?' - It's exactly that. To himself.
So when the from was scrawled with 'has been scratched by another child and has drawn spots of blood' it's safe to say I was drawn back. Expecting it to be a tiny scratch somewhere insignificant like his hand or arm it was on both cheeks and fairly big marks.
I was unsure as to what to say or really do apart from ask him if he was Okay. Telling the story of getting scratched to basically every parent (I was literally trying to move him on and go 'not everyone wants to know' in a jokey - but honest voice!) we made it home.

I have an understanding on kids. I know they lash out when something isn't how they see it or they're not being listened to in the way they need. I even expect them to fall out and disagree very often within a Nursery setting; having so many rash little heads put together is basically nothing smaller than a science experiment in Chem. I'm not also one to assume it's all on one kid when there is a fight scene, because lets face it, even the naughtiest of little ones don't just attack for absolutely NO reason. There's something that annoying them and yes they could lash out at the wrong person, but there's a reason behind it - whatever that reason may be.
So I also have an understanding my child is not the arch angel Gabriel and I know that he sneakily does things like snatching when he thinks no one is watching - only someone is always watching! I know that he can also be a bit bossy at times and maybe even say something someone else probably wouldn't like. I know, and I often talk to him about it.
But I was reassured he didn't attack the child back which I was glad to hear, but I also know that he doesn't tend to hit anyone even when he's frustrated, he just stomps and cross his arms - maybe the odd dark glare. Also, he was probably a little shocked. I think I would assume I'd be too if someone clawed my face.
Asking the story (because I know he must've played a part in it somewhere) he explained that the girl was playing with one of the new toys and that he really wanted to play with it, but she dropped it on the floor and he swept it up quickly before she got it. She shouted 'give it' to him and he said 'no' and she went to grab. I told him that she was playing with it and accidently dropped it maybe, but was still playing with it, because it's likely the situation as I've seen him do this with Noah at times and whilst he didn't initially 'snatch' it, I know he's sneaky.
I know there's two sides to every story and I never assume my party is automatically innocent. He's never had an incident like this at Nursery and it was definitely not something I was expecting to see. I know he's a boy and will likely get into scraps in school and in life, but the Mummy in me felt a little like it was unacceptable and that my poor baby got really hurt. He seemed fine, just after sympathy and cuddles. His face still looks really sore - and you wouldn't believe the amount of looks I received on the way home from Nursery!
I ignored it all simply because people judge absolutely nothing and whilst it looks bad walking with a child who's obviously 'injured', it's horrible for people to look in my direction. I'm just glad he's okay in himself and the matter got resolved.
I guess that's another first ticked off!

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  1. It must be so hard not to get cross with the other child! They are just children but big scratches must be quite upsetting! So glad your little man didn't retaliate! Xxx #binkylinky

    1. Yes I did feel a bit annoyed but her mum came and apologised as soon as she knew, she looked really guilty and it's hard cos it's not her that's done it.. but I don't know felt like I was in a tricky spot really!
      I was a little more alarmed as it's on his face and I never imagined they'd look that bad, bless him, he said he didn't cry so he was pretty brave or a case of it looks worse than it is maybe. Me too :) xxx

  2. Oh my twins start nursery in September and I'm dreading it for this reason! They really wouldn't hurt a fly and wouldn't stand up for themselves. I know it's enviable that something like this will happen, but it makes me feel anxious. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

    1. I can see why you're anxious, it's somewhat difficult to let them go. Freddie is so confident so I've been quite lucky in not having to worry too much - but it's still there and even more than ever when he came out looking like this! x

  3. Very difficult not to get upset when something happens to your own child great post.thanks for linking to the Binkylinky

    1. I agree it is, he took it in his stride and has heeled quickly. Thanks x