Self Feeding

I'm forever talking about how quick the boys are growing up, but I'm definitely noticing it more in Noah at this current time. His walking skills are improving and is attempting talking more, but something new this week was feeding himself completely alone, fishcakes and chips - it was a very boring tea on a day where I was feeling under the weather and the boys were being terribly demanding of ALL my attention (a little taste of the Summer hols me thinks!), so it was a quick pop it in the oven tea.

His face lit up when I brought the plate and placed it on his table. I just left him to it and he was very well behaved, as sometimes he can get a little bored and try and escape from his highchair but he sat there so engrossed making 'mmm' noises - I was guessing he loved it!

He's getting unbelievably independent of late. He just loves having a go at things alone (displaying lots of frustration if it isn't as straight forward as he was hoping) and exploring the best way to do everyday stuff; he's had a little bit of practice with a fork previously and he grasped it really quickly so we thought it was time to let him take the reigns a little more on mainly dryish foods to develop them big skills, so that he can carry them onto wetter foods. (that's the next bit - I'm cautious of the room getting splattered!)

It's pretty exciting watching him because he gives it everything to stab the pieces. He'll chase them around the plate and is so chuffed with himself when he gets it in his mouth.
I'm in need of getting some more toddler cutlery as we have a couple of forks etc but Freddie uses them over the day so I had to give Noah an adult one as a spoon wasn't up for the job he didn't think. He managed very well, but I think it's time for him to have his own set of knives and forks.

It's another milestone in it's own right and it makes it surreal to be able to eat very warm food again - I can't believe how quick they're flying by.

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