Our Month in Photo's - June

We had a busy June. I really enjoy making these monthly posts, I like reflecting on what we've done in these last few weeks.
We weren't blessed with the warmest of starts but the second half of the month we started to see a lot of Sunshine which has been really fun!
Due to having some warm weather we were been able to enjoy time as a family, having days out at the Beach and Softplay over the last couple of weeks, which has been so lovely! I love my little family and I love that we can have a great time doing such ordinary things. I live for the little moments, but we've surprisingly been having so many MASSIVE moments!
Noah has started taking his first steps this month; he's been getting a little more confident in his walking skills even though his bum is much safer option to him, but it's nice to see him on his feet toddling over - I'm going to enjoy this time because I know as soon as he's walking it'll be a distant memory of him bum shuffling and crawling! (But, I will be glad when there's not so many holes in his trousers around his bum department!)
Freddie has been making me so proud this month, he's been to school for his afternoon induction and showing off his photography skills. I love that my little buddy is becoming really interested in what we're up to these days. He asks for many questions and says the funniest things, only yesterday we told him he couldn't eat a sweet after tea and he stormed off, after asking what was wrong he replied 'I'm just so angry, I want to be on my own right now' - he's a teen at moments! But on the topic of food, he's massively improved as of late and has been trying lots of new foods - it's such a happy time for us as we'd basically stressed and exhausted this topic in our home the last couple of years.
This month has had many highs and lows. I've been feeling very emotional and it got me down - it's made me realise all the things to come and it really daunted me!
Then I started to think about it in a positive way. I got fed up with feeling sad about my biggest boy growing up. This month has shown me how fast time has been flying but I'm finding so many positives surrounding it - I spoke about where I'm at in life and last week I went overboard and did something very unexpected but I'm so happy that I went and done it. It's going to be a new experience for us all and I want it to work so much. I want a better future for us and I think it'll be something I enjoy and will benefit from.
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This month, like every month has provided some of my favourite photo's. I really struggle to select my favourites and generally ones that stand out and really show what this month has been about. There's so much going on and it doesn't always fit in a photo, but somehow a photo captures so much. A look, the lighting.. it's special and I'm so grateful to have a camera in my life.

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