Life Lately ● Heatwave, Sports Day and Family Time

I've been very absent from this blog and whilst it was only a few days, it felt so strange not popping a post live. I simply couldn't concentrate on posting last week, it was unbearably hot.
And I simply flopped like the flowers.
It was too warm and I spent most of last week, outside with my boys, searching for that breeze and relishing the cold water from the paddling pool.

It was especially lovely when the boys had gone to bed and I could dip my toe in whilst reading my book until very late.

Even though it was so hot, it felt such a treat to enjoy the sunshine. A warm breeze as you pottered around the garden and the fact I can get 3 loads of washing out without a worry of the line out before not being dry - Yup, can tell I'm a Mum!

Yesterday was Freddie's Sports Day and it was such a lovely hour.
Watching them all together, doing a couple of races - they all had so much fun and it was organised so that there wasn't more than a few minutes wait until the next race. I love watching Freddie with his peers and I love that he's so independent and enjoys the hustle and bustle of the whole environment. It's a little sad to know it's his last Sports Day at the Nursery.

Freddie declared that he wanted to go to Nursery after Sports Day. Chris and I went (spontaneously) to nip to the library as I had to photocopy a couple of sheets and Tesco to collect a few things on the bus - however it took a little longer than we thought to get there and finish what we wanted to do in time to collect him (in hindsight we should've just taken him with us) and ended up calling my Grandad to the rescue!
He kindly collected me and took me to get Freddie to go to their house for a little while.. which ended up a whole afternoon and it was really relaxed. It was a very unexpected detour.
The boys had so much fun with water, eating loads of biscuits (Grandmas' is always full of treats!) and playing with the enormous tub of garden toys they have, to which some are what I used to play with, with my siblings.

I can't get over how big my boys are getting, especially Noah. He's shooting up tall and it's odd to see him looking so spindly as he potters around - honestly where has this last year gone?

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