Last Day at Nursery!

We're nearly a week into the Summer Holidays and I'm suddenly realising that 6 weeks is going to flash by.
My big boy officially left Nursery for the Summer last week and the day, it was over really quick, we had a very rushed morning, but he got there just on time - typical last day lateness, coming home I was torn in so many ways between taking time out on his last day and relishing the quiet or rushing around to get the place spotless before being rushed off all our feet! I decided to do a bit of both and the morning was gone before I realised.

We had a little goodbye ceremony where they got a leavers diploma, leavers book and a few presents (I was always so surprised at how generous and lovely the people at his Nursery were - they were spoilt!), it was so lovely and I wish I had been able to take some photo's but due to holding Noah I was a little stuck in being able to but it was such a sweet goodbye, they had a hug and kiss from the teachers and I think they left in a blur of not quite realising it was the end.
We also received his whole record folder on everything he's been up to since he walked in the Nursery.. it was really nice to have that, to see his little face grow in each picture and just become the lad we know today. It was nice to piece up the segments of the artwork he brought home through his time there.
He's graduated from Nursery.. My big boy is officially grown and he's on his way to big school in a matter of 5 weeks.


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