I have been fairly absent in my blogging realm. I've not really had all that much to talk about (likely to change as the summer hols start soon!) and I have got a little glued to Pretty Little Liars - I am loving it. I love to be shocked when it comes to storylines as I'm quite quick to suss the culprit in programmes; it often leaves me disappointed yet sometimes pretty chuffed I'm that good.. do you think I could put it on my CV in talents? ;)
But. This programme is so different to what I thought it would be, I thought it'd be laid back and simple compared what it actually is, it's deep and has so many tangles - it's fantastic and I've just finished Season 2 and Oh. My. God. I didn't expect that ending!!?!!! I had a thought for like 3 seconds it could be that person, but dismissed it - you're suspicious of everyone! My mind goes 100mph whilst watching it deciphering every look and motive, using the detective in me! (Seriously, if any of you watch it, let me know - I need a PLL buddy!)
It's something that is so new to me and it's got me so twisted (in a good way) and I'm glad there's a challenge for me so to speak.

I'm taking that aspect into every corner of my life this week. I'm forever challenging myself to do better and accept more and whilst realistically, all I want to do is lay in bed pressing next episode on PLL; I've been filling in financial forms for my Access Course, getting excited for our Holiday and I've stepped my Vlogging up a gear this last week by making better thumbnails and being more confident in what I have to say (does anyone know how to schedule posts on Youtube so that I can pre-record some for whilst I'm on Holiday?) and yeah, I'm really enjoying it and hope it's shining through. Also I've been planning posts for whilst I'm on Holiday here on the blog - because I can't leave you stranded without anything to read for 10 days eh? ;)

Realising there's a lot to juggle at the moment, I'm caught in a whirlwind as I found myself looking at Noah last night in his cot just looking and thinking for a while.. When did he get so long? He's growing up so quick and I see his confidence grow everyday. Him walking, talking, laughing.. he's such a delight, despite getting so very grumpy if I cuddle him for more than 10 seconds (boo!). however it's a completely different matter with my big boy, he's the cuddliest I've known him for the last 2 years and I think a part of that is knowing he's getting bigger and growing. He's suddenly got that clinginess and wanting to be safe feeling. I pulled him on my lap yesterday afternoon and tipped him back like you would hold a baby, one arm under his knees and round his neck to support his head. I sang rock a bye baby to him giggling and rocking. He actually loved it, he snuggled up and rested his ear against my heart just nestled up there. I really enjoyed the cuddle because I never feel I get enough these days. I call him my big baby - because in the simplest way that is what he is. he must've been there for a while as he went 'I'm feeling sleepy' wrapping his arms tighter round me.
I love moments like that. They're what I'm living for. He's 4, but he's a baby underneath it all and it's quite nice now to know he's showing that he still wants that closeness. They have that couple of years where they grow (the stage Noah is at currently) and want to be independent, but realise that it is quite scary growing up in part and home is safe. They still need nurturing. It's especially nice as Noah has abandoned me in snuggles department.

This time next week we'll be in full swing Summer hols - anyone else get the feeling it's going to FLY by? I'm looking forward to it, so much. I'm looking forward to holiday, to busy days - but not so much the school uniform shopping - ouch! But we've a few things up our sleeves this Summer! (Lets hope it keeps sunny!!)

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  1. I love cuddles from my son too who is now 5. I am so enjoying that moment as I know soon he wont want hugs and kisses from me anymore.


  2. I was going to say that I should make PLL my next series of choice but by the sounds of it, I would get hooked too :-) I think that the summer holidays will fly by too. Enjoy x. #WotW