Brothers: Over a year on

I can't help but smile when I look at you two.
You've been growing up right in front of us and it seems we can't keep up with you both. Noah, you're now getting about everywhere - you've become such a climber! Freddie, you love this and are finding it hilarious when he gets to places he shouldn't. You play against me many times.
You're both getting closer and I love how you watch and look at each other. You play so lovely together these days and rarely fall out; it's me you don't like anymore haha! Playing seems to be so magical to you two as you sit together and snuggle up over a game or book, it's really adorable to watch. Of course there's moments when one of you don't like something and you'll moan until it's sorted but on the most part you're okay.
I'm still trying to get my head around the fact that I've two little ones walking around the place. Noah your walking has accelerated over the two weeks and you're doing a mix of walking and bum shuffling still, your big brother is so proud of you as he always shouts 'Ahh! Noah's standing up and walking all by himself!' he can't wait until you're confident enough to run around with him - However that doesn't stop you both as Freddie bum shuffles around with you to play games at times and it makes us smile. Freddie, you even share Darry and Sniggy with Noah now and he gets so excited, squealing with delight.

You both love our attention and often try and compete for it. You're both still adjusting to the little changes within yourself and as you get more confidence and self assured you'll find there's niggles between you. It's funny really because despite there being 3 years between you, you're both at similar yet adjusted stages, trying to figure what you should and shouldn't do, testing boundaries, getting frustrated when things don't go your way and general exploring. You both try and learn off one another and whilst it can mean you're both up to no good, it means there's a bond and you inspire each other and feed information from one another. I love it and I'm excited to see what another 6 months will bring!
I love how you're both starting to look similar in features, more so now than before, you can tell you're brothers and seeing Noah grow, it's like watching Freddie grow all over again - the whispy blonde hair and the toothy grin. You're both inquisitive and so willing to learn and copy which is fantastic, I love it when we play together and both get overexcited and can't stop talking or moving. You lavish everyone with kisses (Freddie you've a thing at the moment for giving me a peck on the nose) and you love a big snuggle when the mood takes you.
You're both so precious to us and I sometimes wonder what I'd do without my sidekicks, I know I'm incredibly lucky to have such well behaved (for the most part) and kind-hearted pair of little lads. You light up our world and as much as I'm sad to see you both grow into little people, I'm excited to see what the next chapter is going to bring us!
I love you lots and lots like Jelly tots (and Peanut Butter Cups)

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