22 Things To Do On a Rainy Day With Kids

The Summer holidays have begun and you're all YAY! (and a little jeez, 6 weeks?!) You just think about getting out the house and enjoying the lovely sunshine, taking the kids to the park, the beach or generally letting them go wild in the garden, whilst you try and find 3 seconds to breathe and get that housework/blog post in my case done.
But then it pours with rain and outside activities are a little out the window (unless you're going puddle jumping!!!).. and the kids are going mad, what options can you suggest? I've come up with a list to hopefully give you some ideas!

  1. Film Day - with all your favourite films and snacks (obviously the snacks)
  2. Make a story board - decorate some cardboard as a background, with some paper make some people/animals/anything that'll go with your theme and play a scene or two out.
  3. Colouring - fetch all the colouring equipment and make draw many pictures
  4. Dressing Up
  5. Play Shops - set up a shop area and with a carrier bag go choose items you need to make a meal (this can be real things from the cupboard or pretend food)
  6. Bake - you can never bake too many cakes (well until you run out of ingredients)
  7. A Dance Off - put a favourite song on and just dance your socks off!
  8. Move around their bedroom - talk of where to place things.. you'll be surprised at how much sense they can make!
  9. Hide and Seek - Not ideal if you have extra tiny siblings, but it can be really fun if you include the whole house! (although make sure the front and back door is locked!)
  10. Make a Den - you can decide to chill out in it or play a game such as Cowboys and Indians!
  11. Read a Story - or 5!
  12. Soft Play - If you can brave it, it's a great place for them to blow off some steam.
  13. Make a Video - This can be really fun to do, whether you post it anywhere or not, kids seem to love to have fun in front of the camera!
  14. Teach them something you love to do - This can be anything, like from teaching them how to use a camera to painting your nails.
  15. A Board Game
  16. Play with Building Blocks - Make the highest tower you can before it falls over
  17. Have an inside picnic - blanket, snacky bites - sorted!
  18. Invite friends for a play date - at least you can sit together and have a friend to talk to - keep some sanity!
  19. Lay on the floor - I tried this one the other day and the boys laid with me and we giggled for ages, shows you literally need nothing for a giggle!
  20. Make a puzzle - draw a picture on paper, with a pencil draw puzzle pieces and stick to a piece of card with glue and cut the pieces out - your own puzzle!
  21. Play Cards - Snap, Happy Families, Pairs..
  22. Cinema - The cinema is great for kids films during Summer and some even provide showings specifically for kids.
And if all else fails.. try bribe them into helping with the housework, there's never enough pairs of hands!


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