The Breakfast Diary

I've noticed recently that I've been writing in a rather romantic tone. I'm yet to figure out if it's my new found writing style or if I'm feeling very loved up in my role of being Mummy.
Either way; I'm happy.

I'm enjoying this stage of our lives at the moment, we've so much to look forward to and I generally feel so content with our every day. Our routine is established and everything seems to be working in harmony. We've managed to sort our finances out so that we can enjoy the summer weather and buy a few nice things. My blogging routine is also going well; I realised yesterday that I already have two weeks worth of blogging/vlogging already lined up.. Eek! I'm enjoying my blogging free weekends and I feel so relaxed now I'm out of my daydream state from last week.

I'm unsure as to why I've not felt like this a little bit before, but I'm glad it's finally caught up because it's such an exciting time for us. We work so well as a family of four, or three as it seems to be most days - Chris has been working seriously horrible hours recently! However, it's so lovely when he does get a chance to join us as he slots in so well. This morning he didn't start work until 10 so he was around for our morning routine - he fed the boys breakfast, got them dressed (I ate breakfast in absolute silence - okay, there was a few bangs from upstairs - but it's as close as I get to silence early in the morning - HEAVEN.) and he offered to take Freddie to Nursery with Noah in tow.
I sat eating my breakfast reminiscing of the last few months, but particularly the last week and I just felt so lucky to have these three in my life.

I thought about yesterday when Noah stood up from the middle of the room and took three small steps (100% unaided) before falling onto his bum. I watched in amazement at this mini human that I have created do such a milestone. I can't actually find the words to speak the genuine excitement that built up in me whilst watching it. This little person I have in my life, is suddenly sprouting new tricks. Everything is coming out of the woodworks and I love it. I don't even feel like I've lost my baby. He is my baby. He's learnt something that is so ordinary to everyone else, but is incredibly momentum for him. I realised exactly how perfect and fragile life really is.
It sounds like a slightly weird epiphany - it wasn't. I just felt incredibly lucky to witness it all over again, from start to finish. I couldn't help but scoop him up and praise him (before he wanted to escape and destroy the DVD cabinet). I instantly messaged Chris and we spoke of what a clever man he is. I wished he was there to see it too, he would've loved it.
I'm excited for Noah. Excited for Freddie. Excited for the beautiful brothers I have in my home; because I know now that Noah is copying and joining in with Freddie more than ever; that walking will mean so many new things for them two. Probably, more mayhem but eh, what's life without it? It's such a gift to be able to be here when all of this is happening. It's also pretty nice to be able to enjoy some time reading a book whilst they happily play - it just seems we've all settled very nicely together. I thought about Freddie wanting to desperately take photo's on my big camera and how a lot of them are quite lovely shots! He caught on so quickly - I was amazed. And the other night when the boys were dancing along to the musical drum Noah has - it was entertaining! I keep watching the clip and smiling!

I'm suffering badly with hayfever at the moment and I swear it's getting worst with every year - but it's not stopped us. I don't want anything to stop this high we have. It's mostly down to the sunshine I'm sure - it makes you feel like you can do anything doesn't it?

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