Our Month in Photo's - May

It's actually disappeared. Where has it gone? We've now stepped into June and I now can see the Summer Holidays arriving; it's literally a blink away (okay, so I've been told 7 weeks).
May has been a fairly calm month for us at home; we've not had many days out apart from when we spent the day with the boys' Great-Grandparents. We've just been taking our days slower and in all honesty trying to keep money aside for the Summer that's fast approaching - saying that we have had some lovely times at home.
I'm a little sad that the months are flying by as I know it's counting down the days until my big boy go to school. I keep looking at him this month. I keep feeling desperate to soak up everything he says and just remember it. It just feels so important, now more than ever to absorb him. He's growing up so quick and I'm a little sad to see that we're so close to this little section of our life being gone. It's a mixture of feelings because it's not the baby days that are over - it just suddenly seem a massive step has been taken. I'm so grateful to be a part of it. We visited his Big boy school together this month and it made it so much more apparent of where we are now.
I've been stepping into the land of organisation. It's been the month where I've felt I needed to get my life in order and start planning better. I think it's been a month for getting myself into a place where I feel content with my blog/family balance and it's been fantastic; it's really been the best thing for both sides of the fence. I found my Friday Feeling; meaning I've been able to enjoy my weekends with the boys or friends (I've been out twice this month in such a carefree mind!) and I'm beginning to feel my age again. I like that I've sorted it.
Now that I have organised myself I've been getting into a routine with my new venture; Vlogging! I've really enjoyed filming the individual videos and I think it's bringing me more confidence on the Blogging front which I'm so excited about - it's also really quite fun to learn something new.
There's something so magical about being able to reflect over the last month and I'm just so glad I'm able to document it all and pull it all together. Every month has something special about it, even if it is a brief moment. I live for the little moments and it shines out through my favourite photo's. Blogging means so much to me. 

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