My Summer Wishlist

We've reached news of a heatwave hitting us for at least the next week and whilst I'm a little giddy for some warm weather, I have to say the term 'heatwave' makes it scary. When it's really hot, I get so I feel a little crabby but however, I'm going to enjoy it why it lasts as it could well be the only 'Summer' we have!
In light of the hot news (pun totally intended) I've come up with a little Summer wishlist. All of these items instantly popped into my head when I came to think what I'd like to have with me this Summer (apologies for they're not overly exciting options!)
Girl Online
I'm a MASSIVE fan of Zoella - In fact I was following her years before she became famous. I followed her beauty blog and I loved it. I really like the fact that I've been able to follow her journey onto being one of the biggest names of this generation, she's really great and you get so you feel like you're one of her friends when watching and following her these days! This is her first book and I have been wanting to read it for a while, but yet to actually have a copy! She's in the process of getting book 2 out and I feel I need to actually get on top of reading Girl Online ASAP - I feel it'd be the perfect Summer read!
Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera
I've been wanting one of these for years. A polaroid is definitely a big want on my wishlist for this Summer. I want to be able to take instant, candid shots.. I just feel it'd be really cool to collect all these little images and keep them forever. There's just something so carefree as to having real shots seconds after clicking the button.
It seems practical to want Shorts for the Summer - but these ones are high waisted and look so comfortable. I also love a bit of khaki for the warmer months, looks very jungle fever!
An Ember in the Ashes
My friend Charley recently reviewed this on her Youtube Channel and I fell in love with her enthusiasm for this book. She really loved it and the plot sounded so rich and interesting. She basically compelled me to buy it - I trust her judgement and I feel I kind of want need this book in my life this Summer!

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