Milestones: Taking the First Steps

It's official.
He's a grown up now. Walking, climbing, started talking.. he basically thinks he's an adult. Only he's totally unaware of his own dangers and thinks he's invincible - Okay, maybe he thinks he's a teen.

But he's so darn cute.

These last few weeks I've seen him transform before my very eyes! He's getting about and becoming a very mischievous little lad and whilst it's entertaining and unbelievably adorable, it's not so good for my poor heart.
It's so lovely to see him finally get on the move and whilst he's making a few steps, his confidence needs growing as if he doesn't quite like the idea he'll instantly bop down to the bum shuffle or crawling, but I can see he's so proud of himself at the moment.

I love watching that disbelief smile that he does when he realises he's doing it completely alone. I love that he pants until he arrives to his destination, slowly getting quicker and quicker until he's got his hands safely grasped.

He's been wanting to walk for months and I can't believe he's finally there. My littlest is no longer a baby! But, weirdly I'm kind of fine with it because I can see he's really happy, he is 14 months and not all of the baby bits have gone yet - plus the 'baby-first-started-walking-wobble' is beautiful.

I've taken a few clips recently of him trying to get up and off the floor, onto his knees and standing unaided, but it's been actually really hard, simply because when he tries I don't have my phone on me or occasionally he stops as soon as I do get it out, but I've managed to catch clips and I'm so happy. I like that I've got them forever.

The first time he stood up completely alone I was amazed. But I didn't get a clip. The first time he walked, I didn't get a clip as he just walked right by me. I was sat on Freddie's bed, picking up clothes from the floor. I was amazed once again, but he continued to keep getting up and trying. It was such a happy moment. We were upstairs getting ready for bed, chucking clothes down to get washed and playing with toys after bathtime and it came from no where.

I love a surprise and he gave us all one that day.

22nd June 2015 - The day Noah took his first few proper steps.

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  1. awwww he is adorable it such an emotional moment when they start to walk I think and then for about six months after I think your heart stays in your mouth wondering if they are going to make it up steps or even across the room great post #BinkyLinky

    1. Thank you! Haha I know.. its where my hearts really tested these next coming months! It's weird but you kind of trust them having their instinct, if he isn't sure he maneuvers so that he feels confident enough to do it except for the sofa! Bouncing always leaves me panicked haha!
      You'd think after having Freddie I would feel more sure of it all wouldn't you!? Guess it never changes! X

  2. He's so cute! I remember when my twins first started to walk. I can't believe they're three now and they run circles around me! Sorry the comment for last weeks #BinkyLinky is a little late, we were on holiday and only got back late last night!