Freddies' Photography

I looked through my camera roll in awe. I couldn't believe that my little 4 year old had picked up the notion of zooming in and out and snapping photo's on my big camera. Yup, the big one.
 He held it up and walked around so confidently with it grasped firmly in his hands.

I was extremely reluctant to let him even touch it at first, but he demonstrated that he had the understanding. He asked many questions and I taught him the basics of looking through the hole, pressing the button half way to focus and then full click, I told him about zooming in and out also - he was so excited how to work this magical item. I felt pleased that he wanted to know and I had the exact knowledge to tell him in a way he'd understand.
I VERY cautiously let him lift it from the table, but I kind of trusted him to a certain extent - I just didn't want him to break it as it's not something we can easily replace - although I also knew he wouldn't ever do anything on purpose. I was on close guard as he walked around the garden with it.
I'm so proud of these photo's - honestly, I couldn't believe he had taken them, but I swear he has. I picked out my favourites.
Seems like there's another creative body in this house.


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  1. I have a dslr camera and my twins (three years old) are really good with it! Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  2. Super photos thanks for linking to the BINKYLINKY