Family Day: Lunch, Walk, Beach and Smiles

I recently made the decision to keep Freddie off one day a week when Chris is off work, so that we can all have a day together. A day where nothing else matters other than the time we spend in each others company. A day where there's no peak fees or swarms of people taking over the space.
We're counting down to the Summer Holidays essentially where prices rocket and every living being decides its time to come out the woodworks - understandably. The weather hopefully will be lovely and family time is at a famous high. But, it's crazy doing anything in that time frame.
We have our holiday planned in August and no doubt other events shall pop up as we go along, but we're taking advantage of still being able to pull him out of Nursery if we like.
And we are; and we did.

We went to Hunstanton. We literally live 5 miles away from the famous seaside area and I lived there until I was 15 - so I know it like the back of my hand. However, as "lucky" as so many would say, living here has made us not really appreciate what it has to offer, it's really familiar to us, so much of the year we don't really visit. But, as it's so close and it does provide loads of entertainment - we decided to have a day just wandering around, have something to eat and just make a day to remember. It was so lovely.
It was warm yet breezy; there wasn't a single cloud in the sky! We were so glad to be able to make a day of it, I honestly thought we'd get bored within a couple of hours but we spent nearly an hour just chilling out on the green! It was definitely a day we all needed - I learnt to appreciate the seaside again.
Chris and I just kept saying 'it honestly feels like we're on holiday!' it really did.

As a family we do sometimes struggle to spend some quality time together and it can sometimes be a while since we all sat uninterrupted from life. It's usually spent trying to get chores done or whilst one pops out and the other take care of the boys. We both figured we'll never get this time back and that we need to spend more time just relaxing and enjoying fine company.
We also rarely have days out alone (just the 4 of us) so it was a lovely change.
The boys naturally moaned about a few things as Noah simply couldn't figure out why he couldn't bum shuffle along the prom and Freddie as to why we had to walk everywhere (boys this age just moan don't they?) but other than that it was the perfect day out. They loved playing around on the green, rolling down the hill and I think it just let them burn steam off together. They're faces were pictures of happy.

We've already said we'll be making another trip here for the beach as both boys showed loads of interest being there. We walked the length of Hunstanton promenade and went down to the cliffs. The beach there was covered in loads of shells, that got washed up and I couldn't help but bring a few home. It was beautiful to look at - Freddie loved it and was looking at the rocks, I can see he'd love a proper day poking around on the sand.
After, we went for a ice cream and the boys had some doughnuts too. Noah had fallen asleep and we went for a little stroll before deciding to go home. Freddie fell asleep on the way back, he was knackered from a day of excitement.

We can't wait until our next family day, hopefully this week sometime!
I made a video of this day and I just love making these video's, I love the editing and seeing the clips come together - they're very magical to me and I know they'll always be treasured.

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    1. It really was! It was such a beautiful day :) X

  2. Looks like you had a fab day out great photos thanks for linking to the Binkylinky

  3. So great to spend quality family time together. Looks like you all had such a wonderful time. Like you say, we often don't appreciate the area we live in! Thanks for sharing #BinkyLinky

    1. It was so lovely to actually switch off during this time. We really had the best time and it just makes me feel empowered to have such lovely people in my life, shows how much fun you can have together.
      I definitely forgot how lovely Hunstanton really is for families! :) x

  4. Great idea. Looks like you had a lovely day. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky