Family Day: Fish & Chips, Soft Play and Netflix

I've been in a bubble this last week with my little family, we've had our ups and downs, but we've been managing to fit in a 'Family Day' each week. A whole day to focus on each other away from everything else. I leave the laptop tucked away and only really have my phone to hand, but spending minimal time on it other than my camera.

I really loved our last family day and it took me a day to snap out of the blissful mood I was in - there's just something about being surrounded by fun that just drifts you to another place. It's a period of time to focus on relationships and to simply enjoy ourselves and I like that.

We went back to Hunstanton again. Originally Chris wanted to get his hair cut so we thought we may as well go with him and carry on from there, but we didn't (ran out of time), we got lunch and sat on the green again with fish and chips. The boys played around on the green for a while and we decided as a treat we'd take the boys to soft play, they were so excited to be able to run free for a good 90 minutes. Chris and I also joined them (we love soft play centres!) and for most of our session we were in there alone! It was a really fun afternoon for £6.90!
We took Noah in the bigger section as it's much bigger and more engaging for him, he's a massive climber and it was great for him. Also meant that we could do things all together which was pretty fun.

After, Freddie had an ice cream and we decided to go home as Noah was whingey and it probably wasn't going to be very long before Freddie joins in. They both fell asleep on the bus home.
Getting in we decided to settle down and watch a film together on Netflix, we watched The Emperors New Groove - I haven't seen it in full before, only the odd section so it was really lovely to sit and relax - We left Noah in his pushchair whilst he slept through nearly half the film.
It was a lovely day and the boys had so much fun, they were giggling and smiling all afternoon and that's something us parents love to see. They slept really well as the next day Freddie woke at 8.25am which is very late for our early riser - I definitely took advantage of the time alone.
I'm really enjoying making these little video's of our days together, a lovely memory keeper!

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