Family Day: Belated Fathers Day

We celebrated Fathers Day late as Chris was working two days prior and after so we didn't get much of a chance to spend time with him. So as you're reading and watching the Vlog it's back to last Tuesday, a week today.

We had a quiet day in. In the morning I spent it doing chores around the house with Chris whilst Freddie went to Nursery and Noah napped. In the afternoon we spent it together making Rocky Road and tea, Spaghetti Bolognese (his favourites) in between we watched cartoons and had a very long bath time, the boys loved it.

I love how excited the boys get when we've a set activity planned, this week it was baking and Freddie was so excited to get into the kitchen and help - we had fun making Rocky Road - it's such a simple recipe and Freddie was more than happy as there was Smarties going into it! (shows what they're really after!)
It was an ordinary day and Chris loved his gifts (notebook and pen), Freddie also gave him his handmade tie and bookmark that was totally adorable! The bookmark had Freddie's footprint with the words 'When you are tired of reading your book. Mark your place with my little foot.' which is so cute - I love the things he makes at Nursery, everything is always so thoughtful.


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