It's Friday and I'm wondering how we're here already. I was talking to a Mum at the Nursery yesterday and as we were both parting ways, we went 'I'll see you.. tomorrow? What day.. Friday?' and did the whole "OH WOW. IT'S FRIDAY ALREADY!?" thing that we all do.
Don't lie.. you've done it.
But they do say time flies when you're having fun.
And we've been having a lot of fun recently, we've had a very belated Fathers Day (keep an eye out next week as we'll be sharing all about that), we've done some baking, playing, I've got my Organiser out (Yay! Can finally start using it!), Noah took his first steps which was massively eventful - I just seem to be repeating 'Clever Boy' constantly this week! (and he's now ill after having his Immunisations on Wednesday - boo!)
And I've been completely spontaneous. I've jumped into something that instantly made me think 'What have I done?!' but I'm excited now, more than I was 30 minutes after - but I think that was nerves and a little shock due to what I'd actually done.
I've always been one to keep things fairly safe whilst having big dreams. I'm a daydreamer and I always want more, but never seem to actually go for it. I'm quite shy at times and it irritates the hell out of me and I think in all honestly, I worry people find me a bit boring. So it's sort of resulted in keeping to myself and doing what I know I'm okay at, being Mum and a friend to those close to me. But now, I think I'm having a "Quarter Life Crisis" where I'm a little 'what am I doing?' 'where am I going?' and it's silly really because being a Mum is a bloody big deal! And being 24 is not an indication that my life is nearly over by any means.
I wrote about where I'm at in this bubble of mine the other day and it inspired me to just do something. I'm dreaming of life in the future and I want to persue a little niggly feeling in me, so I went for it. I signed up and I'm looking forward to receiving more information on it very shortly.
In a nutshell, I've applied to a Access Course with the Open University - it sounds so interesting and something that I'd really enjoy - basically it annoyed me that I didn't go with my deep down first choice when I was 18, but eh, never mind. And, I feel that it's a 'lets just do it!' motion and yeah, it's very out of my comfort zone at the moment.
I guess I'm having a new phase of "trying this different dress on" at the moment and I'm wondering where it's going to take me...
The Reading Residence


  1. This is very exciting news! I'll be resuming my studies with the OU this year, too, we can cheer each other one! Well done for going for it, hope you enjoy it x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    1. Thank you! I'm really excited and I hope it's good :) Ooh what are you doing? Yeah definitely! OU buddies ;) X

  2. I am taking up Interior Design for the longest time! Its fun! Goodluck with this new journey. Sounds dun =) #wotw