Where's my Invite?

Hi. I'm Imogene. Or Immy or even Imz to a few special people. I'm a Stay at Home Mum to two gorgeous, yet attention thirsty young boys.

Of course, that's not just all that I am.
I'm a Blogger (dabbling in some Vlogging). I read books and love watercolour painting (when I get time), I've got two dream jobs, I eat way more calories than I clearly burn and my guilty pleasure is watching Zoella and Alfie Vlogs. I also like to think I'm a nice person.

A lot of things are by choice and some are just drawn to you.
I chose to be a Mother. I even chose to stay at home whilst my Husband works long hours, and it usually works.

I have often thought that it'd be amazing to go off to work; to have the kids out from under my feet for a while. But I just figured that other people would just get under them instead.

Some days are hard and some are so much easier. It all depends on my waking mood and everyone else in the house. That first few minutes you can decipher what type of day it's going to be.
Manner, tone, expression and atmosphere.

I hate when it's a bad start. I often just want to pop off back to bed and just wake up to a happier time.
That doesn't happen.

I get up and carry on regardless of how I feel. I'm up ready and usually, sometimes, kinda alert. I'm prepared to be mum.
I fetch breakfast, gather clothes whilst putting some away,nursery run, dusting areas that had only been done the day before (seriously dust.. give us a break!), washing kitchen floors, hoovering the hallway for the 6th time that morning as someone decided to walk through the house with dry mud on their shoes *cough* hubby *cough, it's lunch, prepping tea, washing up, bath time and the happy dance to the bedtime routine.
I walk through the day dealing with many confrontations and issues (usually whinging or some brotherly disagreement).

I have a job. And it's 24/7. It's also really crap pay. (Like, I seriously don't even get minimum wage for all of that? Sort it out Cameron!)

It's a choice and yes, it's a choice I'm so blessed to make. One I often feel so grateful to have. There's many parents who work and wish they could be at home more; sadly not being able to and I hope one day they can achieve it. Because it's truly beautiful. It's very hard at times, no matter the hours, but it's so damn worth it for the small rewards. For the I love you's and momentary cuddles. It's worth it to hear them laugh or to see their face light up as I say hello first thing in the morning. For the 'this is yummy' at tea time.

But we're all doing a job wherever it may be and whatever it contains.

A close friend of mine texted me Friday afternoon saying 'Fridayyyy!'
I was so excited for her. She works hard and comes home to two days off out of her usual routine, she has time to do activities that she enjoys, oh and the pile of planning that's needed for the following weeks (but no one thinks of that whilst having Friday feeling do they?! *wink*).

However, for me, I don't get that Friday feeling. I don't have two days at the end of the week that's a break from routine. I feel the same on a Friday as I do every other day. It is another day, I still get up early, still do the chores and mind the boys. I'm mum at every moment of my week (okay, excluding girls night that occasionally passes).
My job and my home life is rolled into one.

A Stay at Home mum doesn't really get that Friday feeling. They don't get to have that chuffed and confident walk out of the building, office or any other place of work; being able to raise that imaginary middle finger up at the place till Monday morning.

I felt like I was missing out on a celebration. A party that everyone else had been invited to but me. I want that Friday feeling.

I decided to make a change to my routine after that conversation.

I wasn't going to Blog/Vlog at the weekends anymore. Any posts I wanted finishing needs doing by bedtime Friday as "goodbye laptop till Monday".

I'm going to spend my weekend evenings reading, watching rubbish TV, watching a film or playing nonsense games on my phone - maybe even an early night?

I'm going to pamper myself more. Enjoy a hot shower completely alone (ooh the luxury!) or paint my nails.

I'm going to bake with the boys (okay maybe Freds) and just do more general play and activities.

Basically I'm just going to enjoy it more.
Rather than cramming in posts the second they've gone to bed or feeling like I've got a hundred things to do like most of the week. Planning more structure to the week and just relaxing once Friday comes. Do whatever my boys want, or I want!

I'm going to get me some Friday feeling.

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  1. I love my days with my girlie too but they can be hard work! Luckily one of my working days is a Friday so I kind of get the feeling! This is a great post and I hope it's not long before you are feeling that Friday buzz and reaching for the vino :-) xx #binkylinky

    1. Haha it is really hard work.. ooh that's fab, still get the countdown!
      Thank you very much, me too.. though I'm finding it hard to switch off now I'm here! Eek xxx

  2. What a lovely idea - yes there is not really a fist pump moment is there. I guess no packed lunches or school run for two days, that always gives me a little fist pump. #BinkyLinky

    1. Ooh that's a good one! Never really thought of it that way.. no last minute rushing around to get out the door for 8.30am, yay!! Think I shall join you on that fist pumping! X

  3. I'm a stay at home mum too but luckily I do get the Friday feeling because the husband works away most of the week. Mind you I booked an appointment at the hairdresser for Sat morning and it feels like a guilty indulgence whereas before I had kids it was just 'routine maintenance'! #binkylinky

    1. Ooh nice! Definitely something to look forward to is that, yeah gotta enjoy every 'me time' moment! :) x

  4. Great post thanks for linking up to the Binkylinky

  5. I work two days a week, then spend the rest of week at home with my girls. I definitely get the friday feeling as it means my husband will be home for two days so that gives me a bit of a break. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

    1. Aww that's fab! I love it when my husbands off work too, extra pair of hands, though being a chef is uncertain as to when! X

  6. What a great idea. Having been a stay at home mum i had to find ways like you to make it work for me too. It would be great to hear how it goes for you over the next few weeks.

  7. Yeah I'm hoping it gets easier to switch off! Thank you, I'm sure to do an update :) x

  8. I am a stay at home mum too and i get a tad jealous of everyone that gets weekends off work to relax. I rarely blog on weekends as it is family time , hope you enjoy your weekends away from your laptop x #binkylinky

    1. Haha I know right, it's definitely something I have lived with for a while.. I'm glad that come Monday I'll be able to say I've had a weekend off from my laptop :)
      Thank you! X

  9. Hello! As a stay-at-home mum I definitely get that Friday feeling as I know my OH will be around for the weekend and the pressure will be off me for a bit. I think I feel it more these days because I don't have to do the school / nursery runs at the weekends - when they were babies, I agree that weekends didn't really feel that different! Lizzie woodman @ Marmalade Pie #binkylinky

  10. Yeah I bet that's awesome! I'd have it too if my Hubby had weekends off - he's a chef and days off vary every week.. its so frustrating! Can't make plans well due to it.
    haha weekends are the same really, but a more relaxed I suppose as everything goes! X