Visiting Big Boy School

Many months ago we got THAT letter come through the door. The letter that hits you bang, slap in the centre of your face.
Written purely make you realise how close you are to moving into a new realm and that their 4th or 5th Birthday is arriving way too soon.
The letter to inform you that they're off to school in September. (but fundamentally to make you sob into your cuppa)

A few weeks ago many parents up and down the country expressed their feelings about their given answers and whilst many was happy, many was very disappointed. I was fine. I partly, was disappointed, but more in myself - I hadn't noticed that it was the day we got our reply or that I wasn't massively worried regarding the offer.
Does that make me a bad mum?
I guess I just assumed Freddie would go to his local school. He has friends and he raves about the place every Friday (he spends an hour there every week), so I was happy to let him be happy.
I heard many negative things regarding years prior, yet this year it's made vast improvements and been reassured by 'behind the scene' people that, it is actually becoming a much better school.
Thursday we were invited up to the 'Big Boy' School and I was looking forward to getting to know more about what the place was going to offer my mini firework. We met up with his best friend William and his mum - walked over the field and into the school.
We signed in at the reception and the receptionist said Hello to us and Freddie went 'Hi, I'm Freddie Ethan Reynolds!" it was truly adorable as he was incredibly friendly. I already knew he spoke to people but it lovely to see how confident he was around what will be his big school. He looked in her office and as we left she goes "You may see me around at times, that okay? I'll definitely remember who you are Freddie" - lasting impression eh!
Over at the school, once we were all gather in the playground we took our first look around the classroom and I felt a little nostalgic. That feeling of going back into a classroom with mini everything, chairs, tables, draws..
It's a class for reception/year one together as there's small numbers of both, but it seems to work for them.
Before going to the meeting, I wondered what we'd get shown, or even told but we got very little information on anything. We didn't really have an introduction to staff or about the classroom which I was a little disappointed in. I kind of expected a 'this is the teacher' type 2 minute talk but I suppose we'll get that at the next meeting which is parents only.

Despite that, all the staff seemed friendly and I got told that he's good with Numbers - which was nice to hear (I sort of knew that already but it's nice to hear other people impressed!). It was an afternoon of playing and having a nosey around their area.
I have to admit they do have a lovely space. They've got a decent size classroom, a really big space to run around outside that's all walled/fenced in and tonnes of toys and equipment. It looks so much fun for the little ones and we were lucky to have a lovely day so that we could enjoy it.
Like I said last week, I was so proud at how he interacted with the other children and teachers and I know that he'll love it there. His eyes were wide with enthusiasm.
It was also super cute for Claire (Williams' Mum) and I to see how our boys are as the Nursery say that whatever one does, the other tend to follow - which is lovely. I'm glad he's got someone like that there.
It took my doubts away, because I just have that feeling that he's going to be amazing wherever he goes. He's the big boy that goes to school already. He's ready for the step and it's so new for him as well as us, so I'm looking forward to the next meetings and seeing what more I can see and learn from the school in the coming months.
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