Update: HS

You may remember that I discovered I have HS and have done for many years of my life. I spoke of how awful I felt about the condition and how my skin was reacting to the medication. I was really low; I was lucky that it finally got diagnosed and things started to happen.
I got given 6 months worth of Isotretinoin and got signed off that recently.

I got signed off as my treatment with Isotretinoin had reached an end, I had healed and recovered my best skin through that (honestly my face feels so different), it's cleared up and feels soft for the first time in forever. I can't even tell you the last time I had a proper spot outbreak - YAY!
My back and chest has also cleared a bit due to the scaring and redness and it's generally made a massive difference to my self confidence, I don't worry about how my skin looks anymore which is the best feeling I've had for a long time. It's totally cleared up (you may have noticed the odd happy selfie!).
However, as Isotretinoin is considered an acne treatment (did amazingly for my acne) it didn't clear up the HS (Hindradenitis Suppurativa). They didn't know what would become of the HS during the Isotretinoin but it did tame it to a certain extent. Things did start to go down and feel a little more comfortable, only flaring up occasionally - made a massive change!

After getting signed off they agreed that we needed to target the HS that's underneath my arms and between my breasts and I'm currently taking the two sets of pills (pictured above) to hopefully clear this issue. I've only been taking them 4 days and I've not had any leaking so a good start no doubt - I'm looking forward to see how they progress. I'm to take them for 3 months.
At which time I'm also booked to see a plastic surgeon (yeah I'm asking for lipo at the same time, lols) to see what he suggests and can do to remove/cover any horrible looking areas. I'm booked in for my first consultation on 21st July which I'm ridiculously excited about! I've been told that they have been known to give Botox to the areas to help - ooh ah!

It's all so positive at the moment and I'm so happy that there is actually treatment out there for people who have been suffering with this for years. It's such a horrible condition and it gets me so excited that one day I can look like me again.

Of course it's not all been plain sailing. I still have the issue of watching what I wear and feeling like it's on show - especially now as the weather is warmer. When they do flare, they're painful but I seem to be fine with it (probably because I'm used to it). I understand that this is a lifetime issue and it may, even after surgery come back resulting in more medication or even lifetime medication to reduce the chances but y'know what? I'd be more than happy to take them if it meant my confidence stayed where it belonged, for me to feel satisfied with my body image, it'd be worth it. I hope it doesn't come to that, but if it did then so be it!

But, saving the best until last - the medication I'm on at the moment makes my wee orange! Like Irn Bru orange and it just makes me laugh.. It's bizzare. I remember my nurse, Cheryl telling me and laughing then "don't be alarmed if it comes out bright orange" - but surely it's the coolest thing? (yup, my life is this exciting!)

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