Our Month In Photo's - April

April is one of my favourite months of the year.
It's when the sun starts to really shine, the warmth begins to come through, and the days get longer.
We've had a busy month. Up, down and swirling around has all been involved.
I read through my Our Month In Photo's - March post to see what we got up to last month and it was all full of happiness and exciting times! In some ways a little bit of a switch up to this month..
 We've had some lovely times out with really close friends, a joint birthday party as Noah's turned 1, we've bought Noah his first Clarks shoes as he's now able to stand up, pull himself up and just recently climb the stairs! I'm having to keep my eyes very peeled at the moment - he's dangerous haha! The boys have also had a check up with the Health Visitor for Noah's 1 year review, this month delivering good news!
Freddie's become really accustomed to having his photo/taking photo's this month which has been a really nice change! He's always asking for a quick photo and I'm taking advantage :) Also this month he got his chosen school and is visiting there for an hour every Friday part of his Nursery session. I love hearing about what he gets up to over in Red Class - can't believe he'll be there full time in a matter of months!!

This month has been a toll emotionally what with my Brother and my Relationship Stresses.. so I'm glad in a way (as fast as this month has gone) that we're going into a new month, it's like a fresh start isn't it? Hopefully the warm weather kicks back in after these last few miserable ones and we can all start to enjoy the little things the weather brings.
I'm curious as to what May shall bring..
(Our April Highlights! As always so hard to choose my favourites!)


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