I only went and Vlogged..

My decision to do a Vlog was rather random yet one I've been pondering for a while. I've watched so many bloggers branch out into this area of the whole 'blogisphere' and it's been really exciting putting a voice to a face and a blog. It makes the whole experience seem friendlier and to be honest, sometimes it's nice to do something different.. to find another way to express yourself.

Although this being the case my reason was mainly because I couldn't find the words to this particular post and I felt I needed more tone and facial expression as a whole. It would've sounded ridged and like I'm a horrible person (which I don't like to think I am).
I have an opinion like you do and every other person, and whilst I do most of my talking through typing, I actually found it very enjoyable to open up in front of my laptop webcam. I was nervous and I rambled.. I even repeated myself several times but it's all so new. I've never really done anything like that, I've never spoken that frank about a subject to a camera before and I think it was positive. (especially when it's a subject that's been spoken amongst 'big' family blogs).
I wanted to get the point across that parenting is hard at times and that sometimes people write things to try and get some attention, to be accepted and noticed. Because frankly, isn't it what we all do? I'm not saying that openly speaking negative of your child is a good way to go, but maybe it's a way of letting off steam? Maybe someone just needs to ask if they're okay and talk it through. I don't know.

But you'll notice that in the video with my reddish face and repetitiveness that I think sometimes we need to see the lighthearted side and have maybe a little bit more understanding :)

My very first Vlog! Yippee!

As for more Vlogging? I don't know.. maybe. Who'd be interested in seeing more? Let me know :)
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