Finally getting round to that Resolution: Forgotten Girl | Review

If you don't follow me on my Youtube channel you probably won't know that I've done a spoken review of this book.
However looking back on the video I realised I forgot to say what style this book had been written and that I could've been a little more sparing with a few more facts.

I really enjoyed this book and I really enjoyed expressing my enthusiasm to others watching the Vlog as two people had said to me that they were persuaded or that they really wanted to read it after - and I was so excited to read that because, I genuinely was excited. I genuinely loved it and I'm glad others could see that in me. (I do recommend it for you!)

I'd love nothing more than to meet Naomi herself and tell her how fabulous she is as a person; her life was hard; she really did struggle, but she beat it all after many years of self torture and abuse. She fought with her mind so hard that her self worth was so small. Therefore, creating so much stress due to her life events that she found herself in the scary world of learning she had Dissociative Amnesia -  it was incredibly disorientating and I couldn't imagine what she must've gone through. This book is all about her journey as she attempts to slowly piece things back together again.
 It was a sad and lonely book, but it was so courageous of her to write it in such a open way. To be so open of the things she dealt with, is extraordinary.
Naomi wrote in a reflecting way, she was reflecting on her life and I truly think this book was a massive part of her healing, you could feel the words being written as you read the sentences.

I, in some way expected it to be more 'Diary' styled written, but as well as there being sections of her Diaries in the book, which was really gripping, it was the perfect way in the end, because like I said, I think it was her way of reflecting and moving on.
In some parts of the book it did feel a little like there was repetitiveness and going over very similar emotions but as an emotional person myself, I completely empathised with her.
I didn't cry at all during this book which I thought was odd, but I realised by the end it was because I was rooting for her. I was rooting for some goodness, because who really deserves that much cr*p to happen in life? Also I found the fact she had a 10 year old son so amazing as she was trying to act normal for this young lad that she had no memory of.
It's an unbelievable story, especially as you know it's based on a true one.

I'm pretty excited now as I've read since writing this review that Naomi has been given a film deal - I hope this is true as I think it'd make one touching film. I'm intrigued to see what becomes of it!
(P.S I totally said it'd be a great film, before reading the book!)

Take note in the video of what I'm reading next! Looking forward to sharing with you my thoughts.

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