Dear Noah

1 year, 1 month, 1 week, 3 days. How has it gone this quick? I said it in your Birthday post that it feels like you've been here forever. You've continued to mould into our family and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Yesterday we were in the garden, Freddie shouting and running around. You were in a whirlwind not knowing what to do; but you found the ball and starting spinning around, you threw it and chased after it - of course Freddie started to join in and you were just so happy. You're happy around interaction and you don't really mind at times if he's dominating but you're finding your stamp. You make your place in this family with that sparkly personality of yours. You know what and who you want and you'll do your utmost to achieve that.

You're making us proud in every single way. You're doing so well in getting around that we all keep saying "it won't be long until you're walking!" but in a selfish way, I don't care when you get walking because it means I get to keep that baby you a little longer; I know as soon as you get walking you'll never stop and life will be a new level of danger. You're so much more curious and industrious compared to your brother. You love to climb up the stairs, get in the kitchen cupboards and pull ALL the toys out the toy box (especially when it's tidy up time - Freddie puts one in, you pull two out). And you love, love to turn the TV off when people are watching it. It gets a few annoyed voices at times and you just find it hilarious - naughty boy!

I know that you're soaking up loads of information, you're a watcher and you mimic the things we all do like when I'm waiting I start to sway my head side to side - I watch you do this. Daddy taps to something on your highchair tray and you do it back at the food too. Freddie pretended to eat up Boris, your teddy and you went to do it too (including the sounds). You watch us all and you are getting words out. I think you're a little on the quieter side and just like to listen to the world bustle by. Also there is the fact you probably can't get two words out what with Freddie talking constantly!
You're saying "Yeah" "Mum" "Dad" "Nan" "Laura" "No" "Up" "Go" and you point to things you want now.

Just recently you've been crawling here and there, but you find it easier to bum shuffle. You've been pulling yourself up via furniture, people's legs and hands, you can walk fairly smoothly when holding onto one hand, but super fast with two. You've mastered climbing onto Freddie's bed and just swinging your legs on the side! You little monkey! The last couple of days I've seen you get into the middle of the floor and try and stand up, from a crawl into a forward roll type position and when it fails, just roll to your side and bum shuffle off. It's so adorable and so are you. You're trying and you're chuffed to pieces that you're making a move, it makes my heart feel so warm when I see you do so many things. It generally makes me warm because you're so happy most of the time and that smile - so cute.

I love that when you're upset you put your arms out to me even if someone else picks you up, I love that first morning smile as I tend to roll over and say 'hello' you bounce and then snuggle your head into me, I love that cheeky giggle you have, I love that when you're tired you lay on top of me with your head rested over where my heart is, I love hearing you try and make sounds, especially at Freddie's name, I love that you touch peoples faces when they're talking and I love that you go shy when people smile at you. You're an all round beauty and I love having you in our life.
As I always end these posts the same, I've only got to say it again.
I can't wait to see what the next few months bring and I'm sure by the next time you'll be walking and everything will be so different for us. Carry on being you, I can't wait for the next update!

Love you always,
Mummy X

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